AHF: How To Donate

American Hospice Foundation Donation Page

Contact Suz/polkadotmagpie for any questions you may have about the logistics of donating to our AHF Team page!

Here is the Step By Step way to make your Donating Experience on our Hospice Donation Page as easy as can be!  2 very cool and different features that are not on the ACS site:
*On this site there is NO Minimum Donation. You can Donate $1 if you want….YAY! 
*AND….they take Paypal so everyone out of the USA can now Donate out of their very own Paypal accounts…..FUNtabulous News!! They set this up just for us, by the way….
So, now we are Ready to go:

a. This is SUPER Important: No matter which way you decide to Donate, (with Paypal or with a Credit Card), You MUST click on the link that returns you to the donation area of the site.  In PayPal it says "RETURN TO AMERICAN HOSPICE FOUNDATION" and in Authorize.net (Credit Cards) it says "Click here to Continue". This confirms to Hospice that the donation has been made and it updates the Team Goal.
b. If you want to make an Anonymous gift to the Team Goal click on either one of the buttons that say “DONATE NOW!”.  Fill in the “application” form with all your particulars, SKIP the “Select a Member” button at the bottom and just hit either the Paypal or the Credit Card button. This will be applied to the total Team donations and the only people who will know that you donated and how much is Suz and Kristin.

 C.  If you want your name to appear on the list that has a lot of the other Team Members click on the button at the top of the page that says “Join Our Team”. It will take you to a page where you fill out your name, email, choose a password and a goal amount, (using ONLY numerals….no $$ required), if you want, setting a goal is NOT mandatory. When you are done, click submit. What this does is not only add your name (and goal, if you chose one) to the list, but it also adds your name to the “Select a Member” on the “Donate Now” page, which I will explain more about below.

d. You DO NOT need to login every time you go on the site by using the Team Member Login button!  They have set it up so that the ONLY time you use that button is if you want to change your Donation Goal, or your email, that’s it, and that’s ALL!  In order to change your Donation Goal, you just fill in the required fields, change the amount in the box and then hit CHANGE and then hit DONE. 

e. So, you want to make a Donation, right? Hit the “DONATE NOW!” button, either one. Fill in the “application” form with all your particulars, and unfortunately you have to do this every time you make a donation, not that big a deal, really. At the end of the page there is a Drop Down Menu that says “SELECT TEAM MEMBER”. Click on that. Your NAME should be there, click on that. This means that the Donation you are about to make will not only go towards the Team Goal but will show up next to your name on the Team Homepage…YAY! Then choose either the Paypal or the Credit Card button. Don’t’ forget to Return to the Hospice Donation site by clicking the appropriate button!  See the Instructions under (a.) if you have forgotten.

f. Now, you’re back on the Team Page and……..VIOLA!! Your donation is already there….like MAGIC!! There should be no real “lag time” between when you donate and when it shows up, at least, after much experimentation, it wasn’t for me. If your Donation has not shown up in 24 hours, or if you fail to get an email saying you have donated, please contact Suz, at:
          Or, if she is out of town, contact Kristin

Thank You all for your time and support in helping The Hospice Foundation realize their very important work of creating the best end of life care possible for their patients and families.

Here’s to lots and lots of sales…..and Happy Donating!!