Monday, February 28, 2011

Treasury Challenge!

Here we go Teamies!
After a week of making treasuries,
Here are our 8 finalists for the "Green" Challenge!

Relax...It's ecofriendly, It's Green!

GREENtini-make mine Moss with an olive and a twist!

Set My Boat Adrift on a Spring Green Morn

Green Neutrals

Embracing Green

A Bit-O-Spring Green Magic

If You're Irish, Wear Green! If you're not Irish...

Come on Home to Green River

Which Treasury makes you "Green" with Envy??
Relax...It's ecofriendly, It's Green!
GREENtini-make mine Moss with an olive and a twist!
Set My Boat Adrift on a Spring Green Morn
Green Neutrals
Embracing Green
A Bit-O-Spring Green Magic
If You're Irish, Wear Green! If you're not Irish...
Come on Home to Green River free polls
Thank you so much to all who participated!!
Remember, the winners of this challenge will use their
skills to judge the next!
Thank you to our judges: Stevie, Ginny, and Suz! Great job!
Good Luck!
Voting will End Sunday, March 6th

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Treasury Challenge!

Hey Everyone!!

I've been having a difficult time tracking down all of our Teamepe "Green" treasuries by searching and I know that our judges probably have too.

So... If you have made a treasury for the challenge, please, please, please post it on the Feb. Treasury discussion board so that it can easily be judged.

From now on, in the guidelines, we will use this as our tool for judging. Thank you so much everyone and great job treasury making!!

Don't forget the challenge goes until Noon tomorrow so there's still time to get that last one out there!!

Have a great Saturday everyone!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Member Interview


Tamela from HappyDogButtons

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and our dog Jack. My shop is Happy Dog Buttons where I sell pinback buttons, magents and mirrors. I also sell dog coats, beds, jackets and dog toys under the name Happy Dog

I have always liked crafts, beaded jewelry, quilts, making handmade cards, and things for dogs and now buttons, magnets and mirrors. My favorite things to make right now are the mirrors.

In the past I have sold at craft shows which I love because of the interaction with people. I'm frequently asked if I have a website, so Esty was the answer I was looking for. I didn't realize there would be such a great community of other sellers. That has been the bonus.

I found the EPE team when searching through the Forums one day, it was a good fit because I like to raise money for the Susan G Komen 3 day with my Breast Cancer buttons. Many close family members have battled Breast Cancer so I participated in the 3 Day in Seattle in 2010 and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Some of my favorite things are the handmade recipes that I inherited from my husband's Grandmother. I love to cook too so having her recipes means a lot. I used some of her recipes in our local Fair where I enter a variety of food competitions every year.

I hope to grow my etsy shop and open a new one for my dog items over the next few years so that it will begin to pay for itself along with the craft shows that I will continue to do.

I've started a blog, but it is very new (only 1 blog) and definatley a work in progress.

Thank you so much for sharing with us!!

Finds 'n' Fancies

Hello, hello! Another Thursday, more finds! Last week, I had intended to do a post about green, but then it went somewhere else entirely, but the green was still very much in my head. Maybe it has something to do with the coming of March and St. Patrick's Day. I'd remembered a few things I'd been looking at from our team members while I was browsing Anthro and then came across the garden journal pictured below. When I saw it was designed by Nathalie Lete, whose work I adore for its unabashed whimsicality, I googled her and found this image. It was fate; it paired perfectly with the items I'd already planned to show you today.

Fanciful Garden journals by Nathalie Lete

Fresh Spring Grass quilt by btaylorquilts

Waiting for You by Lori411

Shamrock pin from opendoorstudio

Note Card Collection by pleinairpainter

Yum! Great job, guys! I have a theme in mind for next week. I hope y'all have lots of sweet, whimsical spring flora and fauna for me to search! ;)

--katie :D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Treasury Challenge!

Hello Teamies!!
It's time for another Treasury Challenge!
The fantastic winner from our last, Stevie from DBSJ, has chosen a particularly versatile theme for us...

Do with it what you may, but you must follow these rules:

1: Each treasury must have Green in the title, tagged with teamepe, and posted on our discussion board for February Treasuries- Just to ensure we see it!

2: Each treasury must have AT LEAST 8 TeamEPE members included. These are to increase our chances of a FP to spread the word out there, so try to show off your team members!

3: The challenge will begin at noon on Monday Feb. 21st and will go until Noon Sunday Feb. 27th. This gives a whole week for trej making. Anything posted between those times is fair game. I'll post the top 9 treasuries on the blog for voting!

Our awesome judges who were the top 3 in our last challenge will use their skills judging this one:

Stevie- DBSJ
Suz- SimplySuzula
Ginny- GinnyHuber

Then the winners of the "Green" Challenge will judge the next!
Good luck everyone!!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Member Interview

Hi, my name is Liz and I live in Dunedin, Florida. The name of my shop is Far Field Designs. When I was a child, I used to wander around the fields and woods of Ohio, so I named my shop after a poem called Far Field by Theodore Roethke that reminds me of those days. I sell handmade jewelry; mainly necklaces.

I learned about EPE by looking through the list of teams on Etsy. My father has stage 4 lymphoma, so I'm painfully aware of the effect that cancer has on people and families.

My favorite creation is my silver cactus skeleton necklace. I found a dried cactus part laying on the ground with all of these cool crevices, so I just had to see it captured in pmc. It took me forever to paint each layer of silver paste in each crevice, and then file each nook and cranny after I fired it. It's got a very interesting look, and it's definitely one of a kind. My other necklaces are are very varied. Some are made from charms, druzy geodes, and bronze. I usually have a lot of design ideas racing through my head, so it's hard to decide on what to make next.

Are pets possessions? My favorite possessions are my cats; who I just love!
I don't have a blog or URL. I haven't figured out what to blog about yet.
I collect vintage charms and findings for jewelry making. I find them at flea markets and on ebay. They're like treasures to me.

In ten years I'd like to be living with my husband in the mountains somewhere, close to nature. Hopefully, I'll still be creating jewelry and taking long walks in the woods and fields. I'll probably be on the lookout for interesting textures and shapes in nature.

Thank you so much for sharing Liz!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finds 'n' Fancies

Good afternoon, Team! I stumbled upon these first two springy visual treats a few days ago and they called to mind wagashi so I went searching through our team's spring listings and other areas of Etsy to see what else I could find that reminded me of the bright, Japanese confections.

Tanabata inspired installation by Ebony Bizys

Rose Rakugan wagashi photographed by bananagranola

Fresh Start by JaneElizabeths

Best Mochi Friends by poppopportraits

Posey earrings by WildWomanJewelry

Sakura Blossom card holder by dancingintherains

 Japanese Wagashi in felt wool by GlucoseArtroom

Wasn't that fun?! --katie :D

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finds 'n' Fancies


Flight solar print by 88editions

The Beauty of Life pin by hilarypfeifer

 Castile Blue Ceramic Nesting Bowl trio by DancingDolphinPotter

 Mother of Pearl shawl pin by BeadworksbyKerri

Bluebird mini watercolor by KneeDeepOriginals

Found Feather by emmarts

Organic Owl pouch by shecological

Sorry, guys; I'm not feeling so hot today, so commentary will be brief, but I do want to say blue birds make me happy and, because our team has lots of blue and bird-related items to peruse, I have reason to be very happy. Enjoy with me! --katie :D

Friday, February 4, 2011

Member Interview


am Andrea Badgley, and I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. My shop is Sacred Suds, and I handcraft spiritually inspired essential oil soaps. Many of my soaps are inspired by ancient Goddesses, including a healing Goddesses like Kuan Yin and Eirene, and as I deepen my Yoga practice, I have begun adding Yoga inspired soaps to my shop as well.

How did you learn about TeamEPE?

Back in the olden days, when we still waited into the middle of the night to grab a T West (remember those?), I remember seeing a lot of team EPE treasuries, and I was always amazed by the talent showcased in those treasuries. I learned about the team through those collections, and when my mom was diagnosed with endometrial cancer last year, I was so glad I had seen those treasuries. I needed a support group, and what a beautiful group I found in Etsy Project Embrace.

Of all your creations, what is your favorite? And why?
I think it would have to be my Aphrodite soap. It was my first Goddess-inspired soap, and at the time that I created it, I had been pregnant or nursing for four (loooong) years. I felt frumpy, haggard, and like I had no identity of my own anymore. Someone else always needed something from me, and I felt I would have nothing left to give if I didn’t give myself what I needed.

And what I needed was to feel beautiful, and sexy, and womanly in a non-Mom way. I wanted to feel radiant, like a Goddess! So I turned to Aphrodite, “the lover’s goddess, beautiful, gold-crowned, a blossom riding the seafoam…” (Homeric hymn to Aphrodite). To me, Aphrodite (or Venus) represents the energy that we as women feel when we are confident in our femininity and beauty, and I wanted to channel that energy. Every time I smell the soap it makes me feel beautiful.

What is your favorite possession, and why do you cherish it?

Right now? My down comforter! I'm from Georgia, and this Minnesota winter thing is way beyond any cold I've ever known.
No, my favorite possession would have to be my engagement ring. It is a sapphire in a setting of two butterflies. My husband had it made for me, choosing the sapphire because it's my birthstone, but also because the sapphire represents both the heavens and the oceans, as well as sincerity, fidelity, and romantic love. It makes me feel very loved.

Do you have a blog? URL?


Where do you hope to be, personally and in your artistic endeavors, in say 10 years time?
I hope to have figured out a way to balance my family life with running a rapidly growing business out of our home! In 10 years, both of my kids will be too grown up for me to think about right now. But I would like to be settled into our forever home, with happy, confident children who actually want to share their lives with my husband and me (they will be teenagers in 10 years). I envision free time to ride my bike, to practice yoga, and to sit still. I would love to have my own soap studio by then, dedicated solely to Sacred Suds (i.e. - not shared with our living space).

Thank you so much for sharing!