Saturday, February 19, 2011

Treasury Challenge!

Hello Teamies!!
It's time for another Treasury Challenge!
The fantastic winner from our last, Stevie from DBSJ, has chosen a particularly versatile theme for us...

Do with it what you may, but you must follow these rules:

1: Each treasury must have Green in the title, tagged with teamepe, and posted on our discussion board for February Treasuries- Just to ensure we see it!

2: Each treasury must have AT LEAST 8 TeamEPE members included. These are to increase our chances of a FP to spread the word out there, so try to show off your team members!

3: The challenge will begin at noon on Monday Feb. 21st and will go until Noon Sunday Feb. 27th. This gives a whole week for trej making. Anything posted between those times is fair game. I'll post the top 9 treasuries on the blog for voting!

Our awesome judges who were the top 3 in our last challenge will use their skills judging this one:

Stevie- DBSJ
Suz- SimplySuzula
Ginny- GinnyHuber

Then the winners of the "Green" Challenge will judge the next!
Good luck everyone!!



  1. OK! Well, green is great color and a good title-great idea Stevie-so as #3 judge I'll be looking forward to seeing all the great entries! Get yer green on! xoxo

  2. I Still don't know how to make treasuries! Where are the instructions? I love to look at them, but want to make some too!