Thursday, February 24, 2011

Member Interview


Tamela from HappyDogButtons

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and our dog Jack. My shop is Happy Dog Buttons where I sell pinback buttons, magents and mirrors. I also sell dog coats, beds, jackets and dog toys under the name Happy Dog

I have always liked crafts, beaded jewelry, quilts, making handmade cards, and things for dogs and now buttons, magnets and mirrors. My favorite things to make right now are the mirrors.

In the past I have sold at craft shows which I love because of the interaction with people. I'm frequently asked if I have a website, so Esty was the answer I was looking for. I didn't realize there would be such a great community of other sellers. That has been the bonus.

I found the EPE team when searching through the Forums one day, it was a good fit because I like to raise money for the Susan G Komen 3 day with my Breast Cancer buttons. Many close family members have battled Breast Cancer so I participated in the 3 Day in Seattle in 2010 and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Some of my favorite things are the handmade recipes that I inherited from my husband's Grandmother. I love to cook too so having her recipes means a lot. I used some of her recipes in our local Fair where I enter a variety of food competitions every year.

I hope to grow my etsy shop and open a new one for my dog items over the next few years so that it will begin to pay for itself along with the craft shows that I will continue to do.

I've started a blog, but it is very new (only 1 blog) and definatley a work in progress.

Thank you so much for sharing with us!!


  1. Nice to see you and your lovely and fun items here, Tamela! And to meet another Pacific Northwesterner on this terrific team! All the best with your new blog..and your shop!

  2. Hi, Tamela!! So nice to get to know a little about you and your shops. Isn't TEAMEPE wonderful?

  3. Hi there Tamela! What a lovely interview - thank you for sharing your world with us!

    And thank you Erica! Another great one!