Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finds 'n' Fancies

Hello, hello! Another Thursday, more finds! Last week, I had intended to do a post about green, but then it went somewhere else entirely, but the green was still very much in my head. Maybe it has something to do with the coming of March and St. Patrick's Day. I'd remembered a few things I'd been looking at from our team members while I was browsing Anthro and then came across the garden journal pictured below. When I saw it was designed by Nathalie Lete, whose work I adore for its unabashed whimsicality, I googled her and found this image. It was fate; it paired perfectly with the items I'd already planned to show you today.

Fanciful Garden journals by Nathalie Lete

Fresh Spring Grass quilt by btaylorquilts

Waiting for You by Lori411

Shamrock pin from opendoorstudio

Note Card Collection by pleinairpainter

Yum! Great job, guys! I have a theme in mind for next week. I hope y'all have lots of sweet, whimsical spring flora and fauna for me to search! ;)

--katie :D


  1. Wow Katie! I love the way you've coordinated these fabulous EPErs' beauties with Nathalie Lete's wonderful designs. Spectacular Finds & Fancies - inspired genius!!! xoxo

  2. Yes! Inspired genius!! I love the springyness of all of these amazing items--even though I'm still looking at snow...sigh...thanks for the lift!! xo

  3. I'm trying to rush Spring, aren't I? It's my way of sending warm wishes! :D

  4. Thanx for another great blog post, Katie!!Spring is a wonderful inspiration!