ACS: How to Donate

American Cancer Society Donation Page

Contact Jenn/jennreese7  for any questions you may have about the logistics of donating to our ACS Team page!

A Tutorial:

Donating on the American Cancer Society (ACS)site can be tricky and so I have created a "Mini-Tutorial" to hopefully help you and clear up any confusion you may feel when and if you want to contribute to the Etsy Project Embrace Fundraiser Page.

So....there are 2 ways to donate:
1. If you want to make an anonymous gift to the team, it can be any amount, and the way you do that is to click on the button below Laura's photo that says: "Make a gift to support Etsy Project Embrace". This will be applied to the total Team donations and the only people who will know that you donated and how much is Jenn Reese (Laura's sister) and Laura.

2. If you want your name to appear on the list that has a lot of the other Team members names on the left column of the page go to:

Team ACS

You need to wait until you have $25 USD to donate. Then you click on the button at the top of that column, DIRECTLY above Jenn Reese's name that says: "Join Team" and start filling in all the blanks.

3. Your name is on the list....YAY!! This means you have successfully set up a "Personal Fundraiser Page" with all of your particulars. Now you want to ADD more $$$$ to your Goal, but how do you do that...? Here's the scoop:
   a.  Click on your name in the Project Embrace Team column, this will put you into your Page!
   b. Click the "Make a Gift to Support {YOUR NAME!}" button that is located underneath your Personal Goal THERMOMETER and it will take you to the familiar screen that you used to set up your account.
   c.  Enter your contribution, leave the company name blank (well, I did, but enter yours if you have before...) and then fill out all the form fields for Billing Info, etc. Unfortunately, (unless you clicked on the "Remember Me" button the first time around),  you have to do this every time because they won't store your info unless you tell them to, so click "Remember Me" if you want ACS to do that. Fill in your credit card info, and click NEXT.
   d.  This is the "Review" page, so make sure everything is just right and then click "Submit" button.
   e.  Be Patient!! Sometimes it takes awhile for your Donation to show up in the column on the Team page, but it will instantly show up if you go back to your own Personal Fundraiser Page and look at your Thermometer and your little scrolling unit thingy right next to it.....YAY!!
Here’s to lots and lots of sales…..and Happy Donating!!