Friday, September 3, 2010

Member Interview

Hi there! Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Erica, I live in Belvidere, Illinois (the 's' is silent...). It's about an hour or so west of Chicago, depending on traffic. My shop is MazzyJewelryDesigns and as if you couldn't deduce, I make jewelry. I love gemstones and wire-wrapping, but I'm always up for learning and trying a new craft. I am enrolled in a PMC class coming up here so don't be surprised if you see some new creations!!

My shop name is really a combination of my kid's names. Maddox is my spirited 5 year old son and Zoey is my little 2 year old diva daughter - she loves jewelry, by the way, can't keep her out of my studio. Lots of tangled wire to deal with...

How did you learn about Etsy Project Embrace?

I learned about EPE just by browsing the shops. Some of my favorite shops were members and I wondered what it was about. I started my shop soon after caring for my best friend's father who fought a courageous fight. After I discovered the philosophy of EPE, I knew I had to be a part of it! I'm a hospice nurse and so this mission really hits home for me because I see the effects of cancer every day. Not just on my patients, but their families as well.

Of your creations, which are your favorites?

Out of all of my pieces, it's hard to pick a favorite. Sometimes I think I was served too big of a slice of humble pie. I'm pretty critical of myself most of the time, but I do love my Metamorphosis necklace and Zoey's Garden earrings. They both make me think of my kids.
Metamorphosis necklace
Zoey's Garden earrings
What is your favorite posession?
My favorite possession is probably my iPod. I know, not very interesting, but I can't go anywhere without my music. I am in love with the genius feature on iTunes. It finds new and interesting music for me and I don't have to do any work!!!

I don't have a blog or a website, yet. The funny thing is my husband is a website developer, you would think I have an in on a sweet website, but I'm still waiting...

What do you collect? 

The only thing that I collect really is vinyl records. I have tons of them and the collection just keeps growing and growing. Mostly classics, lots of Beatles, Stones, Clapton, Blondie, the list goes on and on. I could bore you for days and days... I love the nostalgia of the crackles and pops whenever you listen to a record. Think about it, you know what I'm talking about.

Where would you like to be, and what would you like to be doing, 10 years from now?

In 10 years I would love to be doing exactly what I'm doing. Just creating for creating's sake. I want to learn different ways to grow in my craft, but not put too much pressure on myself. We'll see...

The pictures are my husband Tyler and me, then my two little rug rats and last, the newest member of our household, Reggie. She's a girl, but my son insisted on naming her Reggie, so she's really Regina and she's spoiled sweet!


  1. Love the interview! And what a beautiful family you have.
    It's so nice reading bits about our members.

  2. Hi Erica! So nice to get to know you a little better! And your little ones are so adorable! Love your shop, too, by the way! xo Cait

  3. Erica, so nice to meet you in "person" and your beautiful family. From Illinois originally: hello homie! Love cute.

  4. What a wonderful interview, Erica (and Mollie!)! All the photos are marvelous-you and your family are gorgeous..including the four legged member! I've enjoyed finding out about your creative life and family life and that you are a hospice nurse, as well.

  5. Loved the interview! You kids are adorable and I love that hat your son is wearing....and that doggie is soooo cute!

  6. Wonderful to know you better, Erica!! Your children are darling, you dog is adorable, and your husband is darn cute, too... :)
    Another great interview, Mollie!

  7. What a beautiful family! Thank you for letting us know more about you!

  8. Erica you ROCK!! Love the photo of you and your Hubby....and your beautiful children...and your adorable Pooch! My husband is from Springfield Illinois (love your comment about the silent "s"!) and I've been to Chicago a few times. So FUNtastic to know more about you, your family and your inspiration's (that's right, the I-Pod Musical ones!) behind your Gorgeous Jewelry!! No wonder your so Great as the Treasury Challenge're a Natural!!
    Awesome interview Mollie, even whilst battening down the hatches for Earl...!

  9. What a beautiful family, Erica! A sweet interview and I so enjoyed it... all the way down to the puppy photo! Vinyl is a wonderful thing to collect, by the way, but especially for someone as young as you! Not too terribly long ago, we had a Vinyl Party and invited everyone to bring their fave vinyl albums which we played on the turntable and danced to. What a blast that was! Thanks for the interview!

  10. Um, that dog looks like it might get big. Store up plenty of food on sale. Beautiful family. We are a richer group with you here.