Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finds 'n' Fancies

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, team! Honestly, it's not a day I've ever really celebrated--even after turning 21. I did a little reading up on this holiday since, before now, I've known it more as Wear Green or Get Pinched Day, but figured that if it was named after a saint, there's bound to be more to it than wearing green and drinking Guinness. Surprise--I was right. It was once a religious feast day. I didn't know that until after I'd gathered these Irish & kitchen-themed items from our team. Serendipity strikes again. 

Also, I found a recipe for Chocolate Stout Cake from Smitten Kitchen in case you're looking for something else to do with that Guinness.

FYI: According to wikipedia (which we all know is always 100% accurate), the color that was originally associated with Saint Patrick was...

 Next week, in light of the devastation in Japan, I'm hoping to gather plenty of finds supporting the relief efforts. Until then, this video will both warm and break your heart.


  1. This is beautiful.

  2. Wonderful, as usual, Katie!! And my vintage dish towels are there! YAY!!
    Thanx! :)

  3. Tears falling as I watch the video...

  4. WOW!
    Thanks Katie, not only for the info on St Patty's Day (blue? huh.....) but also for the Beautiful and moving Video! I have been sending out big positive energy and thoughts for 60 seconds at a time to ALL the Beings in Japan and it is so heartwarming (and yes, tearful too) to see the video and know that they were rescued.
    YAY for a EPE piece on Japan relief Donations! I looked around for an Official Etsy Shop to donate too, but I guess they are not letting anyone open one. So I did what many others are doing and set up a section in my other Shop for Charity Donations.
    Thanks again Katie.....and for choosing my mugs for this little St Patty's Celebration!
    :) Kristin