Friday, March 18, 2011

Member Interview


My name is Sule, I live in Istanbul the most crowded and magnificent city of Turkey.I am graduated from Business Administration Faculty,I am a pr professional besides having a shop on Etsy. Our shop name is “Bysweetmom”, inspired from my Sweet creative MOM. We opened our shop with “my sweet mom”, my mom is not familiar with computers so I manage our shop. We are a cosy family company. My sweetmom has been always so creative. When I was a child, I was watching her while she was sewing, knitting, crocheting or creating something new. She can’t sit without doing nothing and I am the daughter of my mom:) So, I love crafting since I knew my self...I am very proud of being daughter of such a SWEETMOM! She is a creative angel, perfect mom, good friend, excellent teacher, wonderful person… I learned lots of thing from her and still learning…
My beloved,creative sister Sebnem (aka “ shebbodesign” and ”pashiko” shops on Etsy), is the person whom introduced me with Etsy. She helped me lot, I learned everything about Etsy from her, all my photos are taken by my talented sister. She is also a good crafter and knitter. I am also a porcelain painter. We all family members feeds each other with our talents and creations. We all complete each other:)

I was looking for a new team and saw Etsy Project Embrace. The aim of the team influenced me and joined to team. Etsy Project Embrace is a good cause, unfortunately cancer is a very common disease, four years ago I lost one of my best friend from colon cancer and I am so sensitive about this disease.

Of all your creations, what is your favorite? And why?
It’s really hard to choose, I love everything in my shop. My favorites are my ponchos;

What is your favorite possession, and why do you cherish it?
My favorite possession would definitely my silver jewelery. Without them I feel naked:)

Is there something special you collect? (If so, photos are very welcome!)
I love marionnetes, 4 years ago I took a puppet course ;so I can also make my own pupets:) and I have been collecting puppet for the past 4 years..

Do you have a blog? URL?
For the time being, unfortunately no. But, I already took my blog adress from blogger , creating my blog is the “major” topic in my next month’s TO DO list.

Where do you hope to be, personally and in your artistic endeavors, in say 10 years time?
Living in a giant metropole (more than 13 million people lives in Istanbul, and Istanbul connects 2 different continents Europe and Asia; there is always traffic jam, so many people etc.) brings a lot of difficulties, even I love my born city, in 10 years time - I am dreaming to live in a peaceful and calm place near by the sea in nature surrounded by olive trees at Eagean side of my country. Living in a stone house - countinue creating with “my sweet mom” while listening the whisper of peaceful Eagean wind...

Thank you so much for sharing!


  1. yay! Great interview!!!
    I love "bysweetmom" shop , I love Sule and I love my sweetmom :)
    Sebnem aka shebbodesign:)

  2. Lovely shop and great interview...
    Best wishes:)

  3. Wonderful to "meet" you, Sule! I've not had a friend in Istanbul before. :)
    Love your shop and your sister's, too!!

  4. wonderful interview! Great to get to know the faces behind the shop :)

  5. Great to know you guys were sisters :) Great interview!

  6. So lovely to see your interview, Sule; I have enjoyed seeing your shop and your sister's shops and it is lovely to know more about you and your family!

  7. Wonderful interview Sule, nice to find out more about you:)

  8. What a wonderful interview! I love seeing the faces behind the beautiful creations!

  9. Nice to meet you Sule and see your lovely smile! Thanks to you and Erica! :D

  10. Great to learn more about you Sule!
    Wonderful interview!

  11. It's wonderful to learn more about you and your sweet mom, Sule! I love your work, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that in 10 years you will be able to live out your dream :-)