Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finds 'n' Fancies

out of the box
 kyoo hood by a. e. brown (medusawolf), galliano patchwork sweater

cube by bebond20, march edition print by essimar
steel vessels set by modernindustry, blue spots cube embroidered pop art by WeirdWoollyDesigns

Phew! Tip-toed just a little outside of my comfort zone for this one, but thought it would make a nice segue into Erica's next Novem-beard interview. If you missed the first, you can find out more about our Joe here.

May you all succeed at something new today! --katie :D


  1. Ah, a new palette for you Katie! And as wonderful and tempting as everything else you post! xoxo

  2. Love that steel vessel set! Fun finds.