Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Favourite Things

Morning, everyone! Today's original feature has been postponed till next week, so I'll be sharing some of my favorite Etsy purchases of the last year instead. You'll notice that I tend to go for bright and happy when I make my purchases. It's how I like my atmosphere.

First up, Introducing La Srta Pil from the ever-delightful Paola Zakimi of Holli. She was my first-ever original painting. It was instant infatuation. Look at that face! She currently resides in our dining room, but I've considered moving her to my daughter's nursery.

Next, Pinkytoast's Vintage Boxer Sings a Rainbow. I'm a long-time fan of Pinkytoast's work. It's the perfect mixture of sass and quirk. Since joining Etsy, I've collected several of her prints, but this is by far my favorite.

Now, more Pinkytoast goodness in the form of one of her charming fabric dolls. My mom (also a fan) purchased Happy Yellow Wood Worm for me as a birthday gift. She sits atop a shelf keeping an eye on a painting made for me by one of my many brothers.

Here's one I'm sure many of you will recognize as it's from one of our own members, the super-sweet jennreese
7 of Lickety Split. Jenn's was one of the first shops I ever patroned when I first signed up. She never disappoints! I bought Baby's Breath as much for the name as I did for the design.

And, finally, You are My Sunshine by Nancy Mungcal of prettylittlethieves. I could live in her shop, but then I want everything, so I have to stay away. I picked this up during one of her many generous fund-raising campaigns for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Mom would sing "You are My Sunshine" to my youngest brother when he was a baby so I look at this drawing and enjoy a smile as I think of him.

Here they all are--with the exception of Jenn's Baby's Breath--in their current dwelling places.

Hope you've enjoyed this glimpse at some of my favorites! May your Tuesday be full of sass and quirk--just like a pinkytoast print!

--Katie :D

Have a Favourite Thing you'd like to share with the team? Leave a comment and I'll get in touch or contact me via Etsy and next Tuesday's Favourite Thing could be yours. (It's either that, or I'll hunt you down and wrangle something out of you myself. I'm so serious.)


  1. Oooo...I love this, they are so CUTE :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is a fabulous collection... love the colors and the theme! I especially love You Are My Sunshine... and the story attached to it! I sing this song with the old folks at the nursing home where I volunteer, and I think that painting captures the way I feel about those sweet old people. Thanks for sharing your wonderful and cheery purchases with us!

  3. Wow Katie! Your delightful post absolutely mirrors my mood this gray and drizzly morning -- brimming over with "sass and quirk"! In fact, I may just spend this entire day here in one window and exploring these shops in another.

    Thank you for starting my Tuesday with a very special smile! :D
    xoxo Mollie

  4. you rock katie!!
    love love all your favorites....and a few of these shops were already in my fav's too! great minds and all that, right?
    they all share the same happy wondrous vibe...all in their uniquely sassy and quirky way, and i love that you took photos of where they live in your house....very cool!
    thank you for sharing your fav's with us!

  5. so adorable.... just like you :D laura

  6. You're right to go with bright and happy, Katie. There's something about the whimsy of all of these that feeds the soul. So sweet!

  7. What a bright and happy collection! Very nicely done, Katie!