Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finds 'n' Fancies

Before this week, Rice was nothing more to me than a starch my husband consumes on a daily basis. But today, with spring looming in the near future, Rice means brightly patterned dishes, whimsical home decor and ridiculously sweet accessories to chase away winter blahs. This Danish company prides itself on social responsibility while providing cheery home goods to the masses. That's a lot of happiness. And I can really get down with some happy.

Below, you'll find just a few examples of the products they offer. If I could, I would have just copied/pasted the entire online catalog, but I had to prove that I am indeed capable of self-restraint.

Clockwise from top left:
Assorted Plastic Picnic Plates, Glass Vases
Old Style Plastic Cutlery, Red Hand-painted 3 Arm Metal Candle Holder with Birds

For those of us not residing in Denmark, Rice products are also available at
ABC Carpet and Home in New York, NY - USA
Huset in Malibu, CA - USA
KEK in Bellingen, New South Wales - Australia
All-over the United Kingdom, apparently
not to mention several other countries in Europe, as well as a few in Asia

Hope this find has brought some sunshine to your day! See you next week! --Katie :D


  1. Wow, Katie -- I LOVE this!!! Can't wait to go exploring!

  2. Holy smokes... that's some bright bright bright there! It's eyepoppingly fun!

  3. great link Katie!!!! our house can never have enough danish goodies - we're real fans here, so this went down very well... thank you ;-)