Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weekly Challenge

This week's challenge was themed 'Butterflies'.

Here are the fabulous entries:

A photograph 'First Song of Spring' by Rebecca of KneeDeepOriginals.

A painting 'Sights and Sounds of Spring' by Betty of brefour.

'Butterfly Buttercream', a handmade wedding card by Deanna of caelum.

The 'Love you back' brooch by Rasa of happyment.

... and the winner of our very first challenge is ...

Jenn of jennjohn with her fabulous Iron Butterfly bag.
Congratulations Jenn!

Thank you to everyone who participated this week.

Jenn decided to keep with 'asking the children' for a theme, and her four year old said "bunnies ... like George the bunny who lives in our yard". So there you have it my lovelies, next week's theme ...


If you would like to participate, then this is how it works:
1. Get busy creating ..... ha!
2. List your item in your Etsy shop.
3. Contact me with your entries by next Monday (22nd) 12 midnight EST with a link to your listing.


I'll post all the entries as they come in on our new Weekly Challenge page. Next Wednesday I will post the winner here on the team blog. The winner then gets to choose the following week's theme, and of course, it's winner!

Have fun ...
Thank you my lovelies!
Kim x


  1. wow, so many gorgeous challenge pieces - I love them all!
    Grats for the winner!

  2. Wow... what beautiful entries. Love brefour's Sights and Sounds. Congrats, Jenn! What a terrific bag, and I love the name of it too!

  3. Great entries!

    And I agree with Rebecca, love the name of Jenn's bag!

  4. Congrats to Jenn: wonderful bag, Iron Butterfly..and congrats to all the entrants..impressive selections: Slinky's daughter picked a great first theme!

  5. Fantastic entries! Congrats to jennjohn!

  6. Yay! That's me :) Awesome!! I had such wonderful company in this challenge, wow, what great entries!
    Jolie and I are looking forward seeing to all the bunny entries in this week's challenge. Good luck! And THANK YOU!

  7. beautiful works - love them all. congrats Jenn!!

  8. Thank you for including my butterfly necklace in this post!

  9. All beautiful work - I just love Mieko's butterfly necklace!