Saturday, December 4, 2010

Member Interview


My name is Jackie and my shop is Monarchdancer. I sell crochet items that range from photo props for babies to capelets and hats for women.
I'm a big fan of nature and wildlife. I love, love....butterflies. A few years ago I needed to think of a new e-mail addy. I love butterflies and immediately picked one of my favorites, Monarchs. Just the way they gently and softly fly around.... made me think of dancing. That's how Monarchdancer got started. I got sooooo many compliments on this addy that I decided to use it for my shop name.

I have lived on Long Island all my life. I'm minutes from the Atlantic ocean, not too far from farm country and about 60 miles from New York city. I am married with three wonderful children. Joshua, Kristen and Katie. Joshua
and Kristen are in their early 20s and Katie is my baby, at 16. I have a yellow lab named Jake aka Devil Dog, and 7 cats that live in my house. I take care of a few friendly strays (all neutered/spayed by me) and some ferals outside. I guess you could say I am a cat lover :)

I am LPN and lost my job in the beginning of '08. I was doing private duty and
the woman I cared for was hospitalized and subsequently passed away. I was
really burnt out and just wanted to try something different. A few months
later I discovered etsy and it was love at first sight

How did you learn about Etsy Project Embrace?

Kim from Slinkimalinkicat convoed me in July of '09 and asked if I would be interested in joining teamepe. I had heard of Laura and what she was
going through and knew this was the team for me. The members on this team are some of the nicest and most supportive people I have
ever met. I am so proud to me a member of this incredible group.

Of all your creations in your shop, what is your favorite? And why?

I think it has to be my tan bear beanie. It's been on the FP and featured in the storque, it has been my biggest seller. It's just so cute :)

What is your favorite possession, and why do you cherish it?

The cast iron deer lawn ornament that's in my backyard. It involves a very funny story that took place in the late 70s.
My father was a NYC policeman at the time. My father and a few police buddies spent an afternoon painting the exterior of someone's home for
some extra money. It was a very sultry Summer afternoon that involved drinking. At the end of the day, my father came home quite drunk and carrying
this extremely heavy deer over his shoulder. Said the homeowner gave it to him. My father passed away suddenly in 1983. My Mom sold the family home
in 1998 and asked if I wanted the deer. Of course I did! Now it proudly hangs out in my backyard.

Is there something special you collect?

I love buying and collecting handmade items from my favorite etsy sellers. I have beautiful creations from hareanddrum, twolefthands, maidofclay, bugunderglass, the nightjar, bubbletime, seapinks and many more.

And of course, I collect yarn :)

Do you have a blog? URL?

Where do you hope to be, personally and in your artistic endeavors, in say
10 years time?

It's hard for me to look that far ahead. I do hope that I will still be on the path of handmade. I truly enjoy it. Being happy and healthy is also at the top of my list :)

Thank you so much Jackie!!


  1. Awesome interview! I adore Jackie - so wonderful to learn more about her!

  2. Jackie...what lovely stories and I love getting to know you better. Too Funny....we call our Brussels Griffon Devil Dog too.....hugs

  3. Hi Jackie! Beautiful photos!!! And your garden looks sooooo inviting (especially now!!!) So good to get to know you a little more and really happy you found Etsy and all of us, too!! Here's to a healthy new year for you and yours!
    xo Cait

  4. Jackie!!!! What a fabulous Interview - I loved reading every word and getting a peek inside the beautiful world of Monarchdancer, a shop I've loved since my first days on Etsy! xoxo

  5. So nice to learn more about you Jackie, thank you for sharing you with us!! Once again, another great interview...
    Stevie j

  6. Hey Jackie!! Love hearing more about your life and loves. And I'm a cat lover, too...

  7. Wonderful"old time EPEer"; delightful to see these photos and read about you and the beginning of your lovely shop!

  8. jackie-- so wonderful to finally get a chance to read this post with your interview. your deer story really made my heart squeeze... and look at that yarn collection-- i bet you go through yarn like water!! best wishes to you and your family and all of your cats for a wonderful holiday.
    nice post mollie!