Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finds 'n' Fancies

Good morning, team! I've found quite a few things I'm into this week so, rather than try to contain them all into little boxes, I'm just going to plaster them to this page. Lately, I've been really into this primitive/folksy/whimsical aesthetic--not sure why, exactly--so I'm going to foist it on you and hope you enjoy! (Click images for links)

First, these original, painted photographs from team member, maclancy. Why am I just now discovering these?! Too pretty to be considered irreverent yet so deliciously arbitrary. They make me way happy!

Next, girls' dresses from designer Aneeth Arora. I love the feeling of age that comes from something so new. 

How about these mixed media lavender sachets from team member, LaTouchables? Relaxing and gorgeous!
In keeping with the whole mixed-media theme, Spring no. 19 from missouribendstudio:

 And finally (or else I'll go on forever...), some lovely vintage bric-a-brac from team members, 5gardenias...

...and simplysuzula

I enjoyed reading your comments from last week's color trends post! I always read them, but--despite my best intentions--don't always get a chance to respond. I'd love to hear what you all are into these days. My eyes never stop craving candy!
Have a sweet day, everyone! --katie :D


  1. Wow. Some lovely finds! I particularly like the dresses and sachet. So nice to see them.

  2. Beautiful finds! Love LaTouchables newest designs!

  3. Foist away dear Katie! This folksy primitive look is right up my alley, and I love your picks! These look like we could reach out and touch them all - and oh, that little shoe!!!!!!

  4. Isn't that little shoe great?! So sweet!

  5. What a wonderful surprise, Katie, to find two of my vintage items in your Finds 'n' Fancies post! I always love your selections, and the way you gather them together. Thanx!!! :)