Friday, January 21, 2011

Member Interview


Hi, my name is Patty Woodside and the name of my shop is Patidecaz. My shop name is a mixture of my name, my birthday is in December, and I live in Arizona. I'm married to an adoring and loving husband, we've been together for just over 25 years. We raised a blended family together (1 daughter, 3 sons), we have eight grandkids (4 girls, 4 boys). We enjoy boating on the lakes, camping, and hiking. We love to travel.

I joined Etsy in June of last year to sell my pink bracelets I made to help a friend raise money for the Komen 3-Day Walk. It was held in Phoenix, Arizona in November.
I have had breast cancer twice in two years, and then had breast reconstruction with tissue expanders (for seven months). My last surgery was in September, 2010.
In the past, I have participated in several cancer walks - but last year, I just helped with fundraising.
I had read about Etsy Project Embrace on the Storque blog. I knew then that EPE was the team I needed to be involved with.

I'll tell you a secret - My entire Etsy shop is kept inside a brown leather ottoman in my livingroom.
I sell many different things in my shop. I have pink bracelets, small quilted items, jewelry that I made, vintage jewelry, linens and other vintage items, craft supplies, pincushions, little girl's dresses, and a Pay it Forward section.
Lately, I've been working on several things made from Pendleton wool.
I try to make something everyday (often, several things). It's a great motivation for creativity, and I am never bored. There's a quote by Picasso that says: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working"
I sew, make quilts, make jewelry, knit socks, crochet, cross stitch, embroider, make cards, scrapbooks, and I am writing a book with my granddaughters.

I would have to say that my favorite creations are the quilts that I make. My family is very important to me - they are the recipiants of most of my quilts.
I am also a member of Project Linus - a national organization that provides all kinds of blankets to children in need. The blankets are distributed to hospitals, police and fire stations, and disaster aid services. It's important to me to do something that matters.

I have a blog. You can find me here at

My favorite possession would have to be my sewing machine - and my craft room. I am happiest when I can assemble some supplies and put them together to make something wonderful. It's very rewarding to me.

Besides collecting craft supplies, I am a collector of Postcards, Huckleberry Hound, and Sock Monkey.

What are my goals as to where I'd like to be with my artistic talents in 10 years?

I enjoy challenges and always love to try something new. I strive to do things that will make a difference in someone else's life.

As our technology keeps evolving, Who knows? Maybe one day I'll be cyber-crafting with aliens from another universe! Wouldn't that be wild?!

In the meantime, I'll just keep on living life to the fullest and staying cancer-free!

Thank you so much for sharing!!!


  1. Nice to know you Patty. I laughed when I read where you keep your shop. :-D
    Suz...of the polkadot variety

  2. Hi Patty! Thank you so much for sharing your life and work with all of us. So glad you're on this wonderful team - you go girl!

    Now ... how about a wee peek inside that ottoman? ;)

    And Erica - Thank you for another beautiful interview!
    xoxo Mollie

  3. Patty, thank you for sharing you with us! I am so glad to meet you and I just love your bracelets! I am going right after this to check out all your things in your shop.

    I also glad you are here with us,,
    Stevie j

  4. It was really nice to know you Patty!
    Thank you for sharing!
    I really love these interviews!

  5. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. I posted more photos on my blog for all to see - enjoy!

  6. I love you grandma . You are such a creative wonderful loving person and I look up to you! I love you so much! And miss you dearly. You make the coolest, cutest, most creative things and I hope I inherit your creative qualities :) xoxo
    love , hailey

  7. Actually... She sent me a picture inside the ottoman, but I couldn't get it any bigger than a quarter- and that just didn't do it justice! Sorry Patty!
    Fantastic interview! Thanks again!

  8. Wonderful interview, Patty! I, too love the image of the what''s in that ottoman..we'll have to just imagine. A great group of photos and I love the tribute to your creativity from granddaughter, Hailey! Another fine interview, MazzyErica!

  9. As a breast cancer survivor myself and a participant in Relay for Life over the years, I love getting to know YOU better!! Great interview!

  10. Great interview! So nice to meet you Patty. Your shop is lovely and you have a wonderful variety of creative talents and passions. Bless you for your support of family and causes that make a difference to so many!
    aka AuddreyGardenLady

  11. Hi Patty! This is an inspirational story! We are so fortunate to have you on the team! Thank you!

  12. Welcome to our team and enjoyed reading your story. I live in AZ too!

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  14. WoW! You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story with us! It is so helpful to place a face with your name or shop:)