Friday, January 14, 2011

Member Interview


Hello, I'm Anne from WishArtGlass. I've been a professional glass artist for 15 years. I design and make stained and fused glass candle holders, suncatchers, jewelry, and garden accents. I currently live in Pikeville, KY, although I've lived most of my life in Cincinnati, OH. I live with my wonderful husband, Sam and my 5 year old son, Nathan. We have two dogs, Tiggy (we refer to her as a "pitiful bull") and Rose (a tiny "Chorkie" we found hiding in our bushes).

Wish was the name of my brick and mortar shop/gallery which I owned in Cincinnati. I closed the shop when my son was born. Before Wish I owned a funky little vintage and handcrafted store in Columbus, Ohio. Etsy seemed a natural fit for me.

I found Etsy Project Embrace after being included in a treasury curated by Mollie of RoughMagicCreations. I had been looking for a team. I liked the strong sense of community on this team and there is no doubt that this is a wonderful cause. I'm absolutely grateful to have been able to connect with such caring people.

When I discovered glass, I never looked back. I'm self taught. I get an idea and then I experiment until I make it happen. I always keep my mind open to "happy accidents" because they often send me in a new direction.

My day usually starts after I drop my son at kindergarten. I grab a cup of coffee then hit the computer. I answer emails, list/renew items, check treasuries, tweet, and then fill any orders. By late morning I'm cutting glass. The images typically need to dry for a few hours, so then I solder and bead the previous day's fusings. After lunch I return to the freshly cut pieces, add any details to them, then load them into the kiln. I usually fire it later in the evening. In the afternoon I drop off packages at the post office and then pick my son up from school. Evenings are spent with my family. I blog and check emails again aftr my son has gone to sleep. I find it hard to stay awake after 10 pm. So much for my previous rock & roll lifestyle!

I collect blown glass and Mid Century Modern home decor. I also have an incredible collection of vintage fabric. I used to sew frequently but haven't had much time to endulge in that for a while. I would have to say that my favorite item is this venus fly trap. My husband and son planted and have nurtured it together. It's strangely entertaining.

I blog at I'm also on Facebook and twitter as wishartglass. I read more on Twitter that I tweet. It's become my personalized news feed. My blogging is inconsistent at best. When I'm busy with work I neglect the blog (and housekeeping, apparently).

In 10 years I hope to have a happy son in high school and to continue to grow closer to my husband. We would love to travel internationally as our son gets older. I just started working on my business full time again this Fall after staying home with my son. This past year saw incredible growth, which I hope will continue. I want to broaden my skill set. I've been playing with more lampworking techniques which I plan to incorporate along with other techniques into more upscale home decor items. I love my bread and butter suncatchers and candle holders, but have some fabulous ideas for bigger items!


  1. Hi there, Anne!

    I've got the biggest smile on my face just reading this lovely interview!!! Thank you so much for giving us all this peek into your life and work!

    And thank you, Erica, for bringing us another wonderful one!

  2. What a great interview, Anne, and what an adorable son you have!! So nice when we get to know each other a little better...

  3. Anne, thank you for sharing you with us! I have adored your pieces since I got here and I am glad to have the opportunity to know you better.
    Thank you Erica for the great job you do!!
    Stevie j

  4. Hi Anne,

    It is nice to put a face with a name. You certainly do beautiful things,and I enjoy looking at your work. Your days are full, and I am not sure how you make it to ten o'clock with your busy schedule.

    Best wishes to you and to your shop.


  5. Wow!
    It's so Great to get to know more about you Anne, and you ARE a BUSY Lady...and I need to take a few of your organizational pointers!! I *adore* your Art, so Positively Unique and Colorful and Thanks for the little peek into your life.

    Erica, Awesome as Always!

  6. Thanks everyone! Thanks to Erica for the opportunity!

    I'm laughing because I just noticed that the "happy accident" sentence is right above my son. LOL! He was planned, I swear ;)


  7. How lovely to see you in person.And "him" the Nathan too. Beautiful piece Mollie of a beautiful woman who I hold dear.

  8. I'm still laughing about the "Happy Accident" (your son is gorgeous!!!) and love these interviews!!! Nice to know you better, Anne! I, too, love your work and all that wonderful brilliantly colored glass!!! Thank you Erica for the wonderful interview!
    xoxo Cait

  9. Delightful interview, Anne and Maz! Wonderful to see you here, Anne and your gorgeous son, Nathan.

  10. I love your work! Another art that I would love to play with! But I can't add anything else! Thanks for sharing your life with us!