Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finds 'n' Fancies

A Very Merry Bird Day Earth Day Birthday

Meri Meri Cupcake Set from urban outfitters, Fluted Dessert Plates from kate's paperie
Millinery Flowers
from bellalulu, Cake Stand by

Say what? Well, y'all, it's the two-year anniversary of my little friend's birth and birds just seem to be an appropriate choice for a party decor theme. Plus, it's Earth Day. Makes perfect sense now, doesn't it?
Be Present Every Day by groundwork

I don't know if it's all the cupcakes I've consumed this week (my friends threw me a baby shower over the weekend and forced the leftovers on me. Darn.) or if I'm just feeling particularly festive, but I had to get all these tooth-achingly sweet party goods out of my system lest I explode and shower the world with frosting. I suppose I really should be concentrating more on Earth Day, but a worldwide shower of frosting could very well be detrimental to the earth's eco-system, right? We don't want that.

Flowers by Saipua, Decorations Kit by StudioFludd
Chirpy Letterpress Card
from Hello!Lucky, Silk Wrap Blouse from

Birds of a Feather Decor from Land of Nod

Wishing you the happiest of Earth Days and the merriest of (un)birthdays! Just try to keep the frosting contained. It's the responsible thing to do. --Katie :D


  1. beautiful choices as always Katie!
    & I never say no to a beautiful cupcake ;-)

  2. What fun! I love all your finds Katie ... and I'm really craving cupcakes! xoxo

  3. absolutely darling Katie~ xoxo~

  4. Katie, this is amazingly beautiful with all the soft pastel party shades... and you gave me a little chuckle too with the spiel about exploding frosting! LOVE it! Thanks for the cheery post!

  5. Katie....You ROCK!! AND....You're hilarious!! I totally have a blasting mental picture of our beautiful Mother Earth (like the pictures from Monica's post...)dripping in frosting! And I also have a massive craving for cupcakes, which means I'm either donning my kitchen apron or going to the bakery down the street...
    LOVE your post!! Beautiful colour palette and wondrous birdie picks...
    Happy Earth Day to ALL!!

  6. Great post, Katie!
    Happy Earth Day everyone!

  7. I feel cheerful just looking at these things!! Thanks!