Friday, April 9, 2010

Member Interview

Who are you? Betty of Art by Betty Refour.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I am an artist that uses art to advocate for causes that are important to me. I am also the caregiver for my sister Rose who has autism and we live in Oklahoma City. I have terrible allergies and have never been married so there are no pets, children or husbands - just us two. I have two shops on Etsy - Art by Betty Refour that carries art, and awareness cards for autism, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and myeloma and Noteworthy Crafts that carries fine art note cards and jewelry.

How did you learn about Etsy Project Embrace?

I think someone brought it to my attention on twitter if I'm not mistaken. I didn't actually join until recently when my sister became ill and the doctor told us that she could have cancer. I felt I needed to be a part of a group whose focus was on supporting those who have been affected by cancer. We lost our mother, maternal grandmother, a great aunt, an uncle and countless friends to cancer so I felt that if I was going to have to fight with cancer again I wanted to do it with a group like Etsy Project Embrace. Luckily she does not have cancer but I am honored to be a part of a group like Etsy Project Embrace.

What is your favorite item in your shop at the moment?

The Blue Pitcher
This is a pastel drawing that I did. I grew up drawing geometric shapes on note book paper so I am most comfortable rendering geometric shapes. Whenever I push myself out of my comfort zone I am happy.

What favorite vintage or antique item do you own, and why do you cherish it?

I have a chair and foot stool that had been discarded that I took and painted and reupholstered. I think it's my favorite because it has my stamp on it so to speak. Take A Load Off is actually a drawing of that chair and foot stool.

What is your favorite handmade possession?

I have a quilt or I should say I had a quilt that my grandmother made for me. I always kept it on my bed but Rose has taken it and it is now on her bed.

What do you collect?

I used to collect matches but I rarely see matches anymore. I am a former flight attendant and worked in marketing and public relations before that so I would collect matches from the places I went.
Where would you like to be and what do you hope to be doing ten years from now?

Ten years from now I hope to be alive and creating in a world that is a better place. Over the years I have donated art and crafts to such causes as art in schools, animal cruelty, cancer, autism, battered women, abducted children, homeless shelters, rape crisis centers, poverty and people affected by war.

I hope that in ten years we have learned to get along, that there are no victims of any kind, that we can sleep with our doors unlocked if we want to, that there's a cure for cancer.... I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. If there's no improvement I hope to still be able to use my gift to help us get there.


  1. HI Betty! Great to meet you :D
    I think your art is very cool and it's wonderful that you get out there and make a difference. We are happy to have you apart of EPE! Great interview and pictures - very enjoyable, Mollie!! thanks and thanks and thanks. laura xxoo

  2. Lovely interview of a lovely person, Mollie!!

    Wonderful to get to know you a little better, Betty. Bless you for all you do... :)

  3. Well done Mollie! Such an inspiring artist and interview:-) xoxo

  4. A wonderful interview, Betty and Mollie; I had seen some about you, Betty, in your shop announcements..and this adds some other aspects of your lovely spirit and art! Thank you both!

  5. Wonderful interview y'all! Betty, your work is so colorful and alive.

  6. Betty, I love what you said about where you would like to be in 10 years...just so Hope-Full and beautiful and all about putting forth positive thoughts into the future for everyone. A Peaceful place for all of us! Great interview and I love your paintings, full of happy color energy!
    Thanks Mollie!

  7. thanks so much Mollie and everyone. i am honored to be a member.

  8. Yay... another chance to get a little more acquainted with Betty! I love the story of the quilt! It made me laugh. I so admire you, Betty, for taking care of Rose because I know how difficult it can be, but the rewards are many. Thanks for sharing, Mollie, and so glad to know BOTH of you!

  9. WOw what beautiful art work and a talented artist to boot! LOVED the interview! I just love these well done bits for the EPE team!

  10. Hello Betty, thank you for sharing your story. I also love what you said about your hope in 10yrs time. We still have matches in Asia :) may be I can show you some pics one day :)

  11. It's lovely getting to know you better Betty! I love your vibrant work! :)

  12. gorgeous work and a lovely interview - thank you Betty and Mollie!
    karon :)

  13. the amazing people in Etsy Project Embrace will, I'm sure, never cease to amaze me...
    Thank you Mollie for introducing Betty!!! & Betty, thank you so much for opening your doors to us - wonderful to take a peek inside! :o) Xxx