Monday, June 28, 2010

Engagement Marketing

I sat in on some of the Virtual Labs that Etsy had while they were in Portland. One of the topics was Engagement Marketing. The definition of which is building an audience with ongoing relationships.

Approach people as friends. Don't let your first interaction be about selling your creations. Earn the right to market to people. People who tweet, read blogs, visit facebook have a great tool to turn your "pitch" off with the ease of a click, their mouse. We are all so overwhelmed and over communicated with stuff... if people feel that you are not sincere or authentic they will just turn you off. It is so much harder to win people back then to gain their trust first.

People value little tidbits of helpful information. Rather then tweet "just listed," or updating your Facebook or blog with your wares share something useful. If you blog, why not do a tutorial. It doesn't even have to be in your area of expertise. Maybe you have a recipe that you really love. Or, a hint on the best place to purchase ink cartridges (sorry I couldn't think of anything else). Be the person that the audience seeks out for valuable information. Once they think of you this way they will listen/read about your creations. Even better, they will give you feedback on what they think about them!

Have a great 4th of July!


  1. brilliant post, I have been trying to build in some of these kinds of techniques.

    There's the old school idea that you need to maintain a professional distance, which I think I feel more as I work for myself, and obviously that still is the case, but the boundaries have moved. People do what to see you as a person, particularly in the handmade field, you are not a faceless corporation, and people want to see and feel it. I just never realised I would need to inject myself as a person into my business. I'm enjoying it, though!

    Rachel (rachellucie)

  2. So very true! And LOL on the 'ink cartridge'!
    I love reading your posts Rose.

  3. I hear you ... I am just hopeless at the whole promoting thing!
    Thanks Rose!!!

  4. Thanks....LOL I guess I had ink cartridges on my mind because I have to go get some today...and they run out so fast!

  5. Thanks for the tips! I think when you work creatively you have to be more personal, like you discuss in this post. Very helpful!

  6. Thanks, Rose; another valuable tidbit on marketing!! New ways to connect with people are always important and appreciated.. And, Hey, and if you find the best place for ink cartridges, .why not pass it along to us!!

  7. Wonderful tips, Rose! It's hard sometimes to find the right balance between business-like and friendly, to avoid being stuffy on one hand and overly familiar on the other. Your ideas really help here!!!
    BTW, I order my cartridges from Staples by phone; they may not always have the absolute price, but they're fast (when I need them I REALLY NEED them!) and super reliable.
    xoxo Mollie

  8. GREAT advice!! Thanx for sharing...

  9. Right On Rose!! Thanks for the insights and I agree on all your ideas, some of them I have already incorporated and, behold, they WORK!! The other ones....I'll give them a go because like a lot of arty folks, self promotion is not my strong suit. Thanks again!

  10. oh, Great Advice!!! I agree - i don't like self promotion - i'd rather hold back - probably because i shy away from those doing bold promoting. I like to have relationships with people!! thanks for the expert advice!! laura