Friday, June 25, 2010

Member Interview

Who are you? 

Rasa of Happyment and MissScarfy

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Rasa Spulle and I live in Latvia. That’s one of those small countries near the Baltic Sea, in the north of Eastern Europe. My life is often divided between the capital and a picturesque town in the middle of national park. I’ve degree in management of arts, but somehow I felt that it’s not enough for me to help others to be creative; I wanted the creativity to be part of my life too.

I have two shops on Etsy. Happyment is quite eclectic. I started out selling felted brooches, but I love to play with different media – vintage fabrics and lace, beads, wood, paper. My favourite tool is brush, so sometimes I give in and add some paint too. The name Happyment comes from a song by Swedish band Komeda and I enjoy the many explanations and associations this word has. None is wrong.


 My other shop is MissScarfy (the name just got stuck in my head) and, yes, it’s about scarves. At the moment I’m working on new designs and waiting for a colder season to speed things up again.

How did you learn about Etsy Project Embrace?

Kim a.k.a. slinkymalinkicat told me about Laura and invited me to join the group in the very beginning. It has been wonderful to see it grow.

What is your favorite item in your shop at the moment?

My favourites are the rose brooches, although I’m learning enameling and working a new collection of enamelled jewelry, so all my thoughts and excitement goes for it at the moment.

What is your favorite possession, and why do you cherish it?

There are a few things that relate to my family history - grandfather’s photo album, an embroidered handkerchief, a dress made by my grandmother. Postcards they wrote to each other. That sort of things.

What do you collect?

I’m into all kinds of beautiful or artistic things, but I don’t have any collections. I’d say I collect stories – who made it, how it was made, where it came from, to whom it belonged. Actually I’m into all kinds of stories – theatre, film, literature, music, etc. Half a kingdom for a good story! I’m always curious what motivates and inspires people.

Where would you like to be and what do you hope to be doing ten years from now?

I’m not a planner and ten years is quite much time. I’m a bit like a skydiver – ready to pack my belongings and grab the chance. The most important for me is to be happy with what I do, to be open to new experiences and learn from them, to enjoy the journey. Even if it sounds like a cliché.


  1. Lovely story and wonderful blog piece.
    Go EMT!

  2. What a lovely interview! So nice to meet you Rasa! I love enamel work. Those discs are beautiful!

  3. Wonderful interview, Rasa and Mollie. Lovely to hear about you and your creative explorations!

  4. Hi Rasa! So glad to meet you. I look forward to these interviews each week!
    Thanks Mollie for your work!

  5. Wow! Rasa, it was so wonderful to read more about you and your life and art over there in Latvia! Have you and Kim met? That would be really cool!! Love your happy energy and your art!!
    Thank You once again Miss Mollie for a FUNtabulous interview and as always, looking forward to next week!

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  7. Wonderful to get to know you better, Rasa. Isn't it great that the internet lets us have wonderful "faraway friends"?
    Thanx for the interview, Mollie... :)

  8. Lovely interview, Mollie!! Hi Rasa! It's so good to meet you! xo Cait

  9. Lovely to meet you...great introduction to seller.

  10. So good to learn more about you Rasa! I love the look of your new enamel pieces! I love your collections too - a beautiful sentiment!

  11. HEY RASA, Great to see you here!! love your work and enamelling sounds great - i'm going to go check out your store - good for you!! laura xxoo