Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Favourite Things

Another Tuesday, another round of favorites! I'm having so much fun reading all your answers and getting to know everyone a little better, so thanks for playing along! I'm not sure what the weather's like all over the world, but I can tell you that in my neck of the woods, it's HOT. The kids are officially out of school for the summer and freedom is hanging in the air. Or maybe that's just humidity...

Today's theme: Summertime (Hot Weather) Favorites

1. What are your favorite summer eats?
2. What's your favorite ice cream (or gelato or custard) flavor? Cone or cup?
3. What was your favorite summer of your childhood?
4. What's your favorite scent of summer?
5. What's your favorite way to beat the heat?

Have fun! --Katie :D


  1. 1. Watermelon and grilled corn.
    2. Amaretto gelato in a fresh waffle cone.
    3. The summer between middle & high school. My parents got my brothers and me a membership to a neighboring pool so everyday mom would pack us plenty of food and drinks and drop us off till we were ready to come home. We were never ready to come home! That was probably one of her favorite summers, too. ;)
    4. I can't pick one. I love the smell of hot sun and salt air with a touch of sunscreen. I also love the smell of humidity and tropical flowers.
    5. A pool, plenty of SPF and snacks. I could seriously spend my entire summer in water.

  2. 1. fresh veggies and fruits
    2. chocolate chip mint
    3. every summer that we went to the beach, which was most of them.
    4. two: roses. rain.
    5. swimming.

  3. 1. strawberries & cream...
    2. chocolate in a waffle cone
    3. 1976 - which seems bonkers as there was a drought & hosepipes banned etc, but I just remember running round in swimming costumes eating lots of ice creams!!!!
    4. the garden after summer rain!
    5. pimms & lemonade sitting indoors somewhere cool........

    thanks Katie!!!!!
    now where's the ice cream? actually never mind the heat - where's the Pimms!!!! ;-)

  4. Another fun Tuesday survey! I'm loving this Katie!!!
    1. Lobster and potato salad
    2. French silk in a cup
    3. Every summer till I was about six years old, my mother and I would take the all day bus ride to visit her brothers in rural MS. That's where I learned I'm a country girl at heart.
    4. The salty ocean breeze.
    5. Opening all the windows and turning on the ceiling fans ... to draw in that same salty breeze.

  5. 1. Raspberries and anything from the barbeque.
    2. Pistachio. As much for the colour as for the flavour.
    3. I loved them all.
    4. The sea and also the barbeque (I so love my food!)
    5. I think I will be joining Sam for a Pimm's. ;)