Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Favourite Things

I'm going to have to be quick about this. As you've probably figured out, I have a new favorite in my house and she's taking up a lot of my time. The night before she came, I was working on getting posts together, but as you can see, I went to bed without finishing. I woke up two hours later and my life changed forever (in the best possible way). I apologize for the past few weeks of silence from my end, but I'm trying to get back to the blog. I've certainly missed it!

I hope you all are having as wonderful a summer as I! How 'bout telling me your favorite thing that's happened so far or something you're looking forward to this summer--you already know mine!

--katie :D


  1. Hi Katie: Lovely to see you back..Great numbers of hugs and congrats..and much room for turning up when you can! It's hard to pick a favorite thing as perfect as a brand new new baby girlI 'll go with having the Storque EPE article appear! Hope you will post some pix of your new "favorite"!

  2. Congratulations Katie!! & of course, well done ;-)
    My favourite thing this summer has been the holiday in Holland we've just come home from... My two little favourite girls had the best time & pretty much exploded with joy when they got to go to the 'Miffy' museum, bless them!

  3. Oh Congrats, Katie!!! What a wonderful favorite thing to have done!!! YES post some pictures of your little one!! xo Cait

  4. Oh how fabulous to have a sweet new baby in the house... and on the team! We definitely want to see photos!! Congratulations, Katie... and here's to a wonderful new life!
    My favorite things this summer are so small in comparision... enjoying the gardening, the canning, the hiking, the sunshine, but not necessarily the heat and humidity!

  5. Yay Katie! It's so lovely to "hear" your sweet voice here again. Bless you and your totally miraculous and beautiful little forever favorite. Here's yet another vote for photos!!!

    For Joe and me, it's been a summer of surprises. And since I (usually) love surprises, I just can't pick a favorite. Ok, here's one - the Storque article!!! :D