Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finds 'n' Fancies

central air
Lolliopop Bowl by SometimesSheDoes, Dream House 1 by BethBFowler
Diagonal Abstract Print by twoems, Children at Play by LizNadjecki

Ice Blue Pochette by renneslechateau, Ruffle-trimmed Nightgown from VonlenskaVintage
1966 Mattel Dollhouse from bigapplevintage, Felt Ball rug by krita

Chauncey, Beast no. 151 by debivanzyl

Hope you've enjoyed this blast of cool Etsy fare! --Katie :D


  1. Aaaaaaah ... so coooooool!! Thank you Katie, for starting my day off with a big smile! I wanna play all day in that dollhouse and eat ice cream from that pretty bowl and ... uh-oh, gotta get to work! :)

  2. what sweet and playful finds. xo