Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finds 'n' Fancies

wild things

1. Pikku Kukan tiipii via varpunen 2. Birdy hair clip by emiyl
3. Please Don't Go... print by dearcolleen 4. Palm Plate by mexchic
5. Abstraction 7 by tarudesign 6. Vintage Metal letter X from MonkiVintage
7. Dreamcatcher necklace by dreamersandbelievers 8. TomTom tote by themeantambourine

9. Big Friendship Band from bhalo 10. Angry Ginger doll from The Future Perfect
11. Play Longing card/disc by athertonlin 12. New line of knits by Annie Larson


  1. How fun is this? I love those bird hair clips!

  2. Wow Katie, no wonder I always look forward to your finds! Love these colors and the happiness here!

  3. Ka-POW!!! Rock-IT Katie!! Dynamic use of colour and design...(((((((((((love)))))))))))