Friday, July 16, 2010

Member Interview

Hi! Who are you?

Ginny of ginnyhuber.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Born in Brooklyn, live in Seattle; one foot in the energy of both coasts! I live next door to several generations of my family members and their tenants who often serve as models for my shop offerings.

I make one of a kind hand felted art, most of it wearable, and enjoy evolving ways to combine color, texture, contrasts, connection and using supplies from etsy sellers! I'm very inspired by flowers. I love the immediacy of the “fiber miracle” of felting ... how wisps of wool and other disparate materials - just with soap, water and the work of one's hands produce a new fabric and a connection to thousands of years of history!

Another passion is the Italian language. When my next door niece married an Italian 6 years ago I started learning before we all went to the wedding in Assisi. As I am not a fan of classes I taught myself through movies, DVDs and Italian TV online. Italian conversations with my niece have helped too. I'm off to Italy in September for another family wedding and to try out my language skills.

How did you learn about Etsy Project Embrace?

Laura and I found each other through the treasuries. Well over a year ago I noticed her engaging style and all the loving supporters wishing her well. I was so admiring of her way of going public with the cancer she was dealing with.

I myself am a cancer survivor (times two). I had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a blood cancer, in l996 and then a relapse 2 years later and went through chemotherapy treatment and baldness (times 2) . After an experimental vaccine the second time I became involved in local and national cancer awareness and support activities and then "took a break" from direct involvement in the world of cancer... When EPE got started it seemed natural to join in. It continues to be a touching, fulfilling and fun experience being part of this great, ever growing group. The bonds and friendships are strong; and Laura has forgiven me for "promising" her curly hair..which I briefly had post-chemo!

Please show us some favorite items from your shop.

What do you collect?

No "official" collections...I do accumulate stuff but tend to pass things along or include them in my art. I have, however, saved 20 art journals that I made during and after the second bout with Lymphoma...and peek at them sometimes. And I have other little inspirations from loved people and places that often turn up in my shop photos.

What is your favorite handmade possession?

The photo of me holding up the new shawl I have made is taken in front of a favorite painting of dancers that hung in our house when I was a child.

Where would you like to be and what do you hope to be doing ten years from now?

In ten years, like most cancer survivors, I hope to be in good shape (and present and accounted for) and pretty much doing what I'm doing now - making art, checking in with people I care about from etsy, from Seattle, from New York and from Italy. The pile of calendars in the photo is part of "Flowering Paper Arts", the home of my paper art that has been on hold for a bit. I've been thinking about finding a place for it on etsy...


  1. Oh Ginny... thank you SOOOO much for sharing about your life and your art and your self! I'm thrilled to know a little more about you after chatting with you for the past nine or ten months! Thanks for opening up here, and I have to say that your newest creations are so lovely. Your work is evolving and your shop is looking fantastic! Thanks to you too, Mollie!

  2. Lovely interview and I am so happy to have met Ginny here online....such a sweet and wonderful person!

  3. So nice to read some tidbits about you Ginny. That painting behind you is beautiful! Great interview y'all~

  4. That was so fun to read, I loved to learn some more about you!

  5. Hi Ginny!!! It's so wonderful to put a face on someone who's been a friend for quite a while...

    Thanx, Mollie, for another great interview!

  6. Yay! It's Ginny's interview. Can I just say, I've been waiting FOREVER for this one! So neat to be "invited" into your home and life like this Ginny. You've been through the ringer and back again, times two, and yet you have so much to give to others. As a xenophile myself, I can totally appreciate the effort that it takes to acquire a foreign language, so hats off to your home grown achievement. Enjoy your trip in September and thank you for everything you have always done for TeamEPE. With you here, it somehow feels like home to me.

  7. Ciao Ginny!!! Love knowing more about you and LOVE, love, love that shawl! WOW! Phew, cancer x 2 -- let's hope for a long, long and art-filled life here! So here's to health and friendship! xoxo Cait

  8. Ginny,
    What a great article! I feel like I know you more now! Your felted items are beautiful AND I'll look forward to your paper art being on Etsy!

  9. I am very happy to know you on Etsy, a great team mate and friend. I always love the colors of your work :) Great to see you here :) xoxo Gwen

  10. Fab post about Ginny and her fabulous creations - so happy to own a few gorgeous pieces myself :-)
    All the best to you Ginny, love Debra aka AllThingsPretty xx

  11. Great Interview Ginny!! LOVE the picture of you and you know I Love that Shawl because I was over at your place recently trying it on...and coveting it!! Go for it with your paper arts, that's what we do as creative souls....we expand and flow like water.....everywhere!
    Mollie...Awesome as Always!!

  12. So nice to read about Ginny here - a sweet person and a great artist! *sending big hugs to Seattle*

  13. oh Ginny this is wonderful! To know more about you, to have this insight into your life .. you are an inspiration. I love the idea of mixing the cultures and I think it's fantastic you have gone ahead and learnt italian and I have to say I am terribly green with envy knowing you are heading to Italy soon .. the area you are off to is beautiful.
    Many hugs, Kerrin xox

  14. Ginny is my aunt, so I see all of her beautiful creations in person. Lei è bellissima e "particolare" come le sue opere d'arte!

    BRAVA, ZIA! Ti voglio un sacco di bene.

  15. Grazie, Mollie for your help on this. I appreciated it a lot or I'd never have gotten out here. And, here's lots of xoxo to all you sweet commenters and EPE friends!

  16. So excited to read more about you Ginny! I have only been a member for a couple of months, but I feel the love from you & others. You are beautiful & so is your art!! Lisa

  17. what a fabulous spread of your work and story ginny!! i feel like i got a sneak peek when i visited you in seattle where i was able to enjoy your wonderful work up close, touch and feel the fabulous textures, and see the range of colors you carefully chose for each piece -- truly made by the skillful and caring hands of a wonderful artist with a beautiful spirit!! and bravo to you for teaching yourself italian-- i'm sure you'll have a blast testing it out in italy first hand!

    lots of love to you!!

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  19. I'm truly inspired after I've read the intervie. Ginny, here to your health and many more years for creating your art!

  20. Ginny girl... you're the best!!! you know, you single-handedly kept that thread going in the wee early days - with posting all those treasurys - you spent countless hours doing that - and we continued to connect and connect - until it was HUGE!! Thank you, i think that was such a great "base" for teamepe - who would've ever thought in those early days that there would still be like 50 million epe treasurys being made - what a feat!! We owe that all to you darling!!

    so great to see your cute pic as well!! Love you, laura

  21. Dear Ginny, how lovely to learn a little more about you. I so enjoy your work, and your sweet character.
    Kim xx

  22. Yikes girl, that pile of folders is scarey!!! Your work is beautiful, and your support and work here on this team has always been noteworthy! Thanks so much for you help to me in the past.

  23. ginny, darlin''s so good to see you here along with all your beautiful pieces! laura's right- you held us all together hunting those treasuries until we knew each other well enough to stay- we are forever in your debt! hugs girl!!!
    (blows kisses at mollie!)
    xo karon

  24. Ginny, your "voice" isn't coming through as the least bit nervous here, the public eye suits you well! Even with our chats this past year, it turns out there were many more wonderful discoveries to be learned about you!
    ps: I still plan on squeezing in your suitcase

  25. Wonderful interview of a wonderful friend, Ginny (or as Kelly calls her "Guinea")!
    Lots of Love, jenn

  26. what a fantastic interview Ginny!!! Thanks to you & Mollie for sharing - & gorgeous photos too ;-)
    Sam Xxx

  27. So lovely to get to know more about you, Ginny! I always find inspiration in the incredible lives of each EPE team member! :)