Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finds 'n' Fancies

24 karat icing

 gold lip dish by upintheairsomewhere, don't give up print (navy) by butterandsugar
sweets photo print by alicebgardens, little gold bowl by Botanic2Ceramic

little buttercup with pearl ring by kathiroussel, romantic rose teapot by handmademylove

Good morning, Team! I can't believe October is here already. It's hard to go anywhere around here without seeing pink ribbons splashed across billboards heralding the arrival of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Naturally, I'm inclined to deliver some pink-tinged finds I fancy all month long--kicking it off with some toothsome confections to treat your eyes and tempt your taste buds.

When you're done feasting, how about giving yourself a breast exam*? --katie :D

*link is safe for work


  1. Well Katie, I think I got the cart before the horse - did my self exam last night and Yay! No lumps. But that won't keep me from getting my mammogram tomorrow. :D

    Meanwhile, I'm a total glutton for this scrumptious eye feast you've so lovingly prepared for us all to enjoy! Thank you for this delightful confection!

  2. Beautiful colors and yummy selections!!