Friday, October 29, 2010

Member Interview


Please tell us a bit about yourself...
My name is Amy Singley but I answer to Mommy, Ames, Singley, honey and toots too. My shop is adornbyamysingley named because “adorn” is what we do when we add our jewelry to our look. I love the word… it’s has a classic sound and think it really fits with my style.

I have a phenomenal husband, Roy and together we have an amazing son named Ryan (nicknamed Bear), and my brilliant step-daughter Stacy who is starting her 1st year at Ole Miss. Bear is a fabulous baseball player and I spend most of my time taking him to practice, watching him play and cheering him on. I couldn’t be any more proud of my family.

On any given day I will come across a tumbleweed of fur in my living room, courtesy of my furry brood… 2 fat cats named Pumpkin and Priscilla, our Sheltie, pretty Hayley and then there is Stupid Frank, our border collie mix. We live in a small suburb of Nashville, transferred here by Roy’s company at the time… from New Orleans. NOLA is in my heart and is reflected in several of my pieces.

How did you learn about Etsy Project Embrace?

Kim from Slinkymalinkicat let me know about EPE. Laura and I had become such great Etsy friends through the treasuries. I will never forget the day Jenn (JennReese7) told me about Laura’s cancer. I immediately created my Laura bracelet to raise money for the American Cancer Society in Laura’s honor. I am so honored to be a small part of this fabulous team.

Of all your creations in your shop, what is your favorite? And why?

Well, I have to go with my Breast Cancer Survivor’s/Awareness Bracelet… I am a breast cancer survivor and as most of you already know, breast cancer is how I found beading. It started with this bracelet.

What is your favorite possession, and why do you cherish it?

I have 2. One is an amazing watercolor necklace created by our very own Laura Slocum, from her shop lauraslocumpainted. When I wear it I feel her incredible strength and energy. The second is a necklace that I received in the mail from a new friend. It is a gorgeous sterling bear necklace. It is special to me since it represents my Bear but also because the card that came with it has the following quote: “Thinking of you and celebrating life, motherhood, womanhood and the joy of surprises.” Love it!

Is there something special you collect?
Really??? Beads of course! Love ‘em!

Where do you hope to be, personally and in your artistic endeavors, in say 10 years time? In 10 years I hope to be cancer free, in good health, happy and loving life with my family as I do today. In 10 years there could actually be a cure for this dreaded disease and I’d like to be living proof! As far as my shop, I hope that it continues to grow and touch others. I am always thinking of new designs and am currently working on some new clay pieces too. I hope that in the next few years, I am able to spend much more of my time focused on my jewelry.

Thank you so much Ames!
It's so nice to meet you!!


  1. A wonderful interview! Ames, I've been a huge fan of your jewelry since I first saw it and am so happy to get a peek into your heart and home. What a beautiful family!!!

    Thank you Erica, for bringing us another fabulous interview!

  2. Wooooooo-Hooooooo!!!
    Ames you ROCK and have been an inspiration to me from the get go here at Etsy Project Embrace!! Thank You so much for all of your help over the past year+ and it's awesome to get to know you and your beautiful family better in this interview.

    Erica....Splendid job, as always!!

  3. Hey friend and "neighbor"!! So wonderful reading about your life and loves and getting to know you a little better. I think it is quite possible that we may meet in person some day. I hope so!! Suz

  4. Woo Hoo Ames! I know that was your "trademark" (except with more "o"s and H's maybe) way back in Treasuryland or in the early days of EPE I'd see that and smile! this is a lovely interview..always nice to see your work..and now these wonderful pix of your family including the four leggeds! Another nice job, Mazzy/Erica!

  5. Thank you so much Amy!! You are a huge inspiration!!!

  6. amy-- such a treat to have this peak into your world! thanks for sharing!

  7. A beautiful interview! I loved getting to see pictures of your family and hearing about how you spend your time nurturing Bear's baseball endeavors. You are an inspiration, Ames!

  8. good to get to know more about you! I love your creations and your family is beautiful!

  9. Such a beautiful family and a fun interview to read!

  10. Oh wow, Ames... I truly enjoyed this family-oriented interview and learning about you! The pics are fab, your work is fab, but moreso, you have a fabulous and delightful soul! Thanks for sharing.