Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finds 'n' Fancies

blush 'n' black
Hanni Shawl by birribe, Cedar Hope Chest from warehouse516
Whisper Four Photo Print by thegardenshed, Copper Garden Earrings by adornbyamysingley

I know I mention the weather a lot when I present these groupings to you, but I can't help it. The weather plays a huge role in determining my creative moods. Surely y'all can relate. Can you tell by looking at these items that it's hot around here? Again. We're having a full-blown Indian Summer in my part of America and while I'm not thrilled, I'm dealing. And I'm doling out orange-tinged pinks and oxidized coppers for you to enjoy. Hot or cold.

Be cool. Be warm. Be happy, friends! --katie :D


  1. So lovely to be a part of your indiansummer, thanks a lot for the feature

  2. Thank you, such beautiful choices!

  3. What a treat! Thank you so much Katie!

  4. loving the colors. :) Actually, my wedding colors were exactly blush, black, and ivory. So I guess I would think that. hah

  5. Gorgeous colors, Katie!! SO pleasing to the eye...