Thursday, October 21, 2010

Treasury Challenge!

Happy Thursday Teamies!
Announcing our latest challenge,
chosen by Amy-AdornbyAmySingley

1. The challenge will begin Friday, Oct. 22nd at Midnight
and run to Friday, Oct. 29th at Midnight.

2. All Treasuries must have AT LEAST 8 team members,
we have over 300 shops now so that is really easy!

3. All Treasuries must have COZY in the title
and be tagged with teamepe and cozy so our judges can find them.

Our lovely judges are our top 3 from the LAUGH challenge:
Amy- AdornbyAmySingley
Colette- ColettesBoutique
Rebecca- KneeDeepOriginals

Also, we already have 3 generous shops offering up prizes:
Gabriele- Emmarts
Amy- AdornbyAmySingley
Stevie- Dbsj
Thank you so much ladies!

Have a fantastic and creative week!!


  1. Hi there! New member here saying "hi!"

    The challenge sounds like fun, and very appropriate for the season. :c)


  2. Ooh--great theme. I missed last week's, but count me in this go-round!

    Welcome, Tina! So nice to have you! :D

  3. Welcome Tina! Can't wait to see all of the cozy treasuries while its cold outside!!

  4. Thanks for welcoming me, Bud and Mazzy! I'm happy to be a member of this team, and I'm also seeing some friends from a previous team I was on. So between the new teammates, and mates from another team... happy, happy!

  5. I've never participated in a challenge! So this is exciting :o) Here is the treasury I just created!


  6. Going to try my hand at a treasury challenge for the first time - fun!

  7. Hi there! Here is mine:

  8. Here is my entry - there are so many beautiful items to choose from on this team!

  9. Please add me because I will also donate a prize to the winner!!
    Good luck everyone!
    Stevie j

  10. Hello everyone,
    here is my entry "Cosy and Warm"
    Sebnem aka (Shebbodesign / Pashiko)