Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekly Challenge

Hello lovelies!
It's time to announce our Weekly Challenge winner!
This week's theme was "the power of pink."

Our winner is Ames
from Adorn by Amy Singley with her
EtsyProjectEmbrace Breast Cancer Survivor - Awareness Bracelet.

Kristin had an especially difficult time choosing the winner this week since, as she said, "they are all so 'deserving' of winner-hood, and they ALL come straight from the creators' hearts."

But since she could only choose one, she had to go with Ames. "The design, the colors, the motivation and the whole story behind it, are quintessential Project Embrace and I just think it's Phenomenal, and so is Ames!!" said Kristin.

Congratulations Ames!

In case you missed the story of this bracelet over on the Challenge blog, this bracelet is a very meaningful one for Ames. The description in her listing explains: "Okay, so this is the piece that started it all. 8 years ago, as I battled this terrible disease, I found beading. During chemo, my body just didn't work but my mind did. Beading was my outlet and I made this bracelet to honor my sisters surviving this disease and those who want to show their awareness and support to the cause." This is the bracelet that led Ames to Etsy and to Laura and ultimately to the team.

A huge thank you to our other
oh-so talented participants this week:

Colette from Colette's Boutique
Stevie J from Designs by Stevie J
Mollie from Rough Magic Holidays
Lana from Simple Joys Paperie
Gwen from Dancing in the Rains
Pearl from Beading Gem
Erica from Mazzy Jewelry Designs
Anne-Marie from Lime in the Sky Designs

You can check out their fabulous entries
on our Weekly Challenge page.

Ames' choice
for this week's theme:

To participate in the fun:
1) Start creating!
2) List the item in your Etsy shop.
3) Contact me with a link to your entry by next Monday (October 18th) 12 midnight EST.

**I just want to remind all of our teammates
who sell vintage or supplies that you can enter too!**

I also want to make sure that everyone knows you don't have to create something brand spanking new for the Weekly Challenge. If there's something in your shop that fits the theme, enter it!

I will post all of the lovely entries on our Weekly Challenge page as they come in. The new winner will be posted here next Wednesday. The winner then gets to choose the following week's theme, and of course, it's winner!

Happy creating!
xo, Jen


  1. Congratulations Amy! I have admired your beautiful jewelry since the first time I ever saw it! :)
    Congratulations to the other ladies as well ~ your work is outstanding!

  2. Congratulations, Ames! Beautiful and touching. I'll start think about my "Mysterious" item!
    XOXO - Anne

  3. A gorgeous bracelet, Ames, and a wonderfully touching description for it too. Congrats on the win!! And the new theme is great!

  4. Huge congrats, Ames! A beautiful bracelet created by a beautiful person - and a Survivor!!! xoxo

  5. This was SO HARD to pick a "Winner" because you are ALL The BEST!! Ames, your Bracelet is just Beautiful and I LOVE your Theme for next week, and I'm putting my thinking cap on!!

  6. Hey Ames-beautiful bracelet..Congrats on the win and the survivorship! WOO-HOO!

  7. Wowza you guys! This is such an honor to me! Everyone created such amazing pieces... The 1st person I gave this bracelet to had lost her "spark". If you've gone through chemo or even supported someone going through cancer, you know how important having that "spark" is. I just thought she needed to remember or realize that she was a survivor... AT THAT MOMENT... It did help put that twinkle and spark back in her eye. This bracelet is there to remind you that we all are confident and strong and courageous and loved and hopeful, even if sometimes we don't feel it. Thanks to all of my amazing teammates... this is a heartfelt thanks for this honor! xoxox... and WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

  8. Congratulations ames. Your bracelet defintely deserve the first place. A beautiful piece with a beautiful story.