Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Favourite Things

Yay--another Tuesday! Today's whimsical favorite thing comes to us from Sharon of KnotOriginal. It's sure to make your inner child squirm with excitement!

One of my favorite things would have to be a treehouse. I would love a place of my very own to escape just for an hour a day...no ringing phones, no emails to answer, no beckoning laundry baskets and especially no "Honey, I can't find my..."

How cool is this? An entire treehouse neighborhood designed by Andrew Maynard Architects. It's still in the conceptual stages but when it becomes reality, sign me up!

For now, I'll continue to sit on my deck perched high up in the trees. If I crane my neck just so, I get a view of the Puget Sound...not too shabby for reality.

Great boots--I mean, view-- Sharon! Thanks for sharing this favorite thing with us. The urge to rent Swiss Family Robinson is becoming a little too strong to resist...

--Katie :D

Have a Favourite Thing you'd like to share with the team? Leave a comment and I'll get in touch or contact me via Etsy and next Tuesday's Favourite Thing could be yours. (It's either that, or I'll hunt you down and wrangle something out of you myself.)


  1. My absolute favorite childhood book! I think I read it 20 times!!! What a whimsical and beautiful post!

  2. how cool is that treehouse~ i can just imagine what a sanctuary it might be! thanks for sharing!

  3. Ack I love this ... the boots, the treehouse, the tree house neighbourhood .......

  4. A treehouse - lovely idea!
    let me know when I can try it as well :-)

  5. Yes, a treehouse is my idea of paradise! Thank you Sharon for reminding me to dream, and thank you Katie for bringing us all these inspiring favorite things every Tuesday! xoxo

  6. oh fun! I'd like a treehouse with running water, heat, tv and a nice coushy bed, ok??
    laura :D

  7. LOL, Laura! Add pest control to that list and I'm with you! ;D

  8. ooh, gorgeous tree-houses, but I have to say, it's the boots that do it for me ... ;-)
    Thanks to Sharon & Katie! x

  9. I love a bird's eye view from the trees! And about those boots.....love them!