Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finds 'n' Fancies

Wave ring by onestonenewyork, Rainy Dog Day Afternoon note card by BornBareFoot
Vintage Chenille bedspread from vintagejane, Hester Prynne by thearthive

It's been so unseasonably cool and rainy here these past few days that the lethargy that has taken over the outdoors has finally managed to settle in my bones. I was going to try to resist it and post something opposite to the view outside my window, but I couldn't muster enough strength. I hope you all don't mind too much. And I really hope the lethargy doesn't get you, too. It's not so good for productivity. I won't say for sure, but I may have watched The Young Victoria a minimum of 5 times within a 72-hour time span.

WWII Military Thermal Undershirt from greatest friend, Drip by joettamaue
Origami Newspaper Crane Garland by arawlins, A Gray Day by CinnamonNSugar

So, what have you all accomplished this week? (And, lest you think I'm a total waste of space, I did manage to make a necklace and have plans to start another when I'm done with this post. While that's barely a chink out of the ol' "to-do" list, it's something, right? Right?!)

Here's hoping the fire under your butt has not gone out! --Katie :D


  1. Ah Katie, a necklace made is certainly something. And you've turned lethargy into pure loveliness with your beautiful and evocative finds. And now ... may you have a bright sunshiny day! xoxo

  2. a rainy morning (or five!) sometimes an invitation to snug up and enjoy your lethargy~ your beautiful choices inspire me to do just that! I can hear the rain on that window and am just loving this mood and these soft watery colors~ really lovely katie!

  3. lovely choices Katie - these are definitely GOOD rain pictures; like a nice walk in the summer rain....
    I wish that was the weather we were having... really cold here, we've even got the central hearing on - brrrr!
    Well done for making a necklace! I have knitted a little cat for my daughters 3rd birthday this weekend, and been baking. It's been a real stay indoors week for me ;-)
    Thank you Katie - lovely article as always .... X

  4. You do 'lethargy' so well .... ;) I love this Katie ...!

  5. .... oh and what have I achieved this week ......? ..... a number of trips to my kitchen garden to count how many asparagus spears are up .... ;D

  6. Love Love this rainy day post! I live in the misty, cold and dampness of Seattle and I actually enjoy it, most of the time....a sundrop now and then is nice too, though!!
    Thanks Katie!