Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekly Challenge

This is normally the day when I post the winner of our weekly challenge ... but for the first time I had no entries!! I can only presume that everyone was too busy being pampered on Mothers Day.

So as we have no winner this week, I did a search with the words 'teamepe' and 'graduate'. Here is what I found:

As we received no entries this week I asked Shannon to choose another theme. Her choice for this week ...


If you would like to participate, then this is how it works:
1. Get busy creating.
2. List your item in your Etsy shop.
3. Contact me with your entries by next Monday (17th May) 12 midnight EST with a link to your listing.


I'll post all the entries as they come in on our Weekly Challenge page. Next Wednesday I will post the winner here on the team blog. The winner then gets to choose the following week's theme, and of course, it's winner!

Have fun ...
Thank you my lovelies!
Kim x


  1. ohhhhhhhh, chocolate! can't wait to see the entries.

  2. Well, you made lovely choices, Kim using the teamepe and graduate searches ..and Shannon has picked a perfect theme!!xo

  3. Yes, fabulous choices Kim! And I'm looking forward to chocolate too! :)

  4. oh, thanks for including my charm :D
    i have to get my butt in gear and start doing these challenges - i think i need to stay out of the hospital, first! laura xo