Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finds 'n' Fancies

acid wash
Mini Dress from santokivintage, Marigold Garland Necklace from Ruche
Field and Sky by jontybloom, Explore #3 by natasha (bellalucephotography)

Emma by corid

Mustard is the Best v2 by CupcakeMountain, 50s Top & Circle Skirt from jessamity
Pearl Bird Strings by royalbuffet, Ivory Rosette Headband by flowerbucketboutique

Hello, hello! I'm alive! I'm sorry this is coming at you all so late. I told my husband you all would think I'd gone into labor or something! I've actually been experiencing internet issues again, but as you can see, all is now right. (Thankfully, Blogger auto-saves!)

I hope you all had a beautiful, peaceful day. --Katie :D


  1. Ooooh... I love these soft yellows and pale pastels! Lovely collection of goodies!

  2. These are all so lovely Katie -- a soft and sweet palette!

    And yep, I thought Anouk might have made her big move ... LOL :)

  3. hey Katie! you do a great job- you have the "eye".... and the belly, too.........LOL!

  4. that's my old picture - i have 2 google accounts - i hope my hair looks like this again....................:D

  5. Hehe! Laura, I have to wonder how you would feel about curly hair... When Chris's grew back, it came in as beautiful, thick curls. As you may have seen, he wears them long and proud . You will no doubt look radiant either way :D