Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finds 'n' Fancies

mighty fine oak

(ripped out of Anthropologie's clothing home page--such a clever artistic detail!)
Autumn Leaf by DovieMoon, Spun Gold outfit from Anthropologie
The Calling by corid, Acorn Cap Necklace tutorial by A Foothill Home Companion

original watercolor paintings by gollybard
Ivory Sash clutch by eclu, Murmur Summer intaglio print by carlikirstin
Purled Onyx outfit from Anthropologie, Oak Leaf finger wrap by BrillianceFound

Oh, how I long for Fall! This is about the time of year my impatience for it sets in. The stores are filling their racks with cool weather clothing in warm autumnal tones, but it's still hitting the mid-nineties around here. They tease! I want to eat soup and chili and wash it down with hot chocolate, but my cravings are forced to wait. The anticipation makes that first crisp morning all the more welcome so I'll summon my patience and harvest some Fall eye-candy as I wait.

What are y'all anticipating with the arrival of cool weather? --katie :D


  1. I hate to say goodbye to summer, but all the great fall fashions make it a bit easier! Wonderful post, Katie!

  2. Love Love LOVE this Post Katie!! Sweet little and wondrous Autumn vibes from these finds....I'm ready Too!! Thank You, as always, for bringing such beautiful Insight, Joy and Color into our Blog World!!

  3. Oh Katie, this is so gorgeous and your narrative is beautiful! And your picks are as wonderful as ever!!
    For us it feels like fall has already arrived, and I'm just savoring every moment of it ... before the really cold stuff gets here! And I'm anticipating getting out my cords and flannels in advance! xoxo

  4. Mostly I am anticipating more energy with the coming of cooler weather. This summer's oppressive heat has made me lazy...
    Love all your beautiful oakish selections, Katie!!