Friday, August 13, 2010

Member Interview

Obe sacked out on the couch
Hi, I'm Cait of barefootweaver.

Hi there, Cait!  Please tell us about yourself.

I have been living in upstate New York for the past 18 years. A very peaceful place in the country which is sort of stuck in the 50s. We bought our farm which was a dump and my husband (Gary) bribed me with a horse to get me to move happily from the Village of Potsdam to the outskirts. We have spent the last 18 years working on the inside of the house, of course, but at least my kids know how to fix things now! :) I have 3 boys: Adam 30 (to be married Sept 5!!) Alex (21 and pursuing his engineering degree at Clarkson U), and Noah (19 and going to Skidmore in Sept after taking a year off between high school to have an adventure). They all light up my life!

Me on Dommie (I ALWAYS wear a helmet but I just jumped on for a picture!!)
We also share the farm with 2 horses (Dommie and Duke), 1 dog (Obe), and 4 cats (Ballou, Lucy, Mieux, and Adam's cat Magic on a long-term loan).

I have been weaving for 18 years now having learned from a dear friend who has since passed on. I love the rhythm of the work, throwing the shuttle and beating the resulting cloth, but what I love best is the designing and making of the warp, winding it on and threading it, weaving a little and then I can see if what I had in my head is what I actually achieved.

A warp being designed before it goes on the loom
And I am totally inspired by color combinations. I will pull over in the car if I see a flower combination I like or an unusual color outfit on someone and try to write it down descriptively for weaving later! I actually chose my name a long time ago because I always weave barefoot or with socks in the winter. It's hard and clunky to work the pedals on the loom with big ole shoes! So the name was a natural.

How did you learn about Etsy Project Embrace? 

I learned about Etsy Project Embrace also from treasuries. I found that the artists that I most admired and used in treasuries were all involved. Finally, Kristin convo'd me and asked if I wanted to join. It's funny because I think that was in September last year and my sister-in-law had just finished chemo for breast cancer. So I was honored to be asked. Then December 11 2009 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Totally weird. So I found myself being so supported by all these amazing survivors as well as artists who just plain cared about what we were going through! And survivors Laura, Peggy, and Ginny have been very inspirating to me. I have met some wonderful people through this group--too many to name here and feel very close to them!

Do you have a blog?

What is your favorite item in your shop?

I love my scarves because they give me a chance to work up different color combinations without a huge investment in threads and yarn. But my favorite is probably the Red, Red Rose Wrap.

Red, Red Rose Wrap
What is your favorite possession, and why do you cherish it?

I cherish my mother's engagement ring. She is 89 years old and one of my favorite people. My children also made a book for me for my birthday--"(A Few Of The) Reasons Why We Love You." They filled it with sentences, stories, paragraphs...made me cry and I will treasure it forever.

Do you have a collection?

I used to collect horse figures when I was small but now since I have the real thing I guess I mostly collect yarns and I have a huge collection of artwork that my kids did!
My horse collection
Where would you like to be, and what would you like to be doing 10 years from now?

In 10 years I would like to be grandmothering (is that a word?)(no pressure, kids!)! Actually just to be here weaving and riding would be fine with me!

Some cotton cones for towels


  1. Oooh, can't wait to read this, but I gotta come back to it....headin' to a knife show with hubby.

  2. Cait's work is so lovely, (that shrug--wonderful!!!) and her personality just shines through! I loved reading her story in her words--thank you!!

  3. hi Cait, nice to meet you!
    you sound to have an amazing family (congrats on your wedding!)! so much love coming from your words!
    your works too show your love and care to weaving, love them, beautiful colours and designs!
    EPE is such a great place and I am so honoured to be able to meet so many amazing people like you!
    all the best and thank you for sharing!

  4. YAY! Love seeing you here, Cait, on Dommie...and it been an amazing year and more, knowing you! I love your work..and you, of course..wonderful to see you, your work and your loving spirit here and everywhere you turn up! Thanks for doing this interview and to Mollie, too, for another fine one! xoxo

  5. Hi Cait!! For a minute there, I thought they were interviewing the dog... :)
    Wonderful to get to know you better; to see your smiling face and your beautiful horse. Thanx, Mollie.

  6. Fabulous interview... and wow, doesn't time pass quickly? I can't believe it's been almost a year since your blog posts about Noah's hike! Geez, girl... and look at all that's happened since then. So very good to see you on Dommie.... what a beauty, and the horse is too! You and Mollie have made my night. Thanks to you both!

  7. Wonderful interview. I love your is beautiful!

  8. Such an inspiring story. I must say I found up state New York very pretty during my recent drive back to Texas from Rhode Island.

  9. cait~ so nice to meet dommie and obe and to get to know a bit more about you! i've always loved the beautiful colors in your work~ hugs to you!
    (hey mollie~ another wonderful interview :)

  10. Oh this interview is amazing and inspiring and wonderful... as are you, Cait! I've long admired your beautiful work - and of course your courage as you've navigated this past year.
    I adore that photo of you on your sweet Dommie! Here's to many more years of riding and weaving and enjoying the heck out of life!

    Another great one, Mollie! xoxo

  11. Thank you all!!! And thanks Mollie, too! Poor Dommie is shaking his head at all the flys around him. It's been an awful summer for biting things! Meanwhile you all are inspiration for me to keep on going and keep on creating and enjoy each and every day!! xoxo Cait

  12. Cait.....You, my friend, are a Shining Beacon of light, not only to me, but to many, many others!! I loved reading your words here as I have on your Blog over the last year, you are SO Positive, Joyous and Insightful! :)Hooo-RAY....for Adam's upcoming wedding....and the possibilites of "grandmother-ing"!!
    Mollie....Awesome as always!

  13. Hi Cait! I have enjoyed looking at the things that you have made and am fascinated with all those pieces of yarn and the complicated and beautiful results you create. I am sure that people must love to watch you at work.

    As one who is always concerned with these interviews and how they come about, I have to say that I find them a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn a little about the various epe-ers whose names and shop names I hear all of the time. For some one who is not on the computer for hours every day (like Mollie) I am frequently confused in identifying the names of the artists and the names of their shops. So, pictures are great. You have a beautiful horse (not to slight the pretty lady astride). There's a pattern for your loom.


  14. dommie looks like she might be feeling a little feisty there--but you like you're more than ready for a good gallop bareback with your cowgirl boots and all!

    cait it's wonderful to see your work finished and in process. i always marvel at the intricacy of what you do and the beautiful vibrant color that you work into every piece.
    i also marvel at your tenacity and like many others on the team you send out a strong spirit of love and life-- truly inspiring!
    a great interview mollie and cait--
    much love!

  15. Beautiful work, Cait! Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  16. Amazing work! Love the interview and "meet" the artist in person.