Monday, August 23, 2010

Treasury Tags

Are you tagging your treasuries?

You have up to 18 tags that you can include in your treasury and should try to use as many as you can. Why? Because Etsy Admin and potential customers search on words and phrases to find your treasury.

What words should you use for your tags? If you are on a team, for instance TeamEPE, and have made a treasury full of its members, you should tag with teamepe. The search is not case sensitive. Or, if you are participating in a challenge treasury you should use the designated challenge term. If you pay attention to Etsy's monthly marketing report and your treasury is designed appropriately you should include some of the words from their suggestions. Make sure you include colors as well and some emotion words.

Pay attention to the Etsy finds and the phrases that are included at the bottom. If you click on one of those phrases it brings you to an entire list of treasuries that include those phrases. And, yes, you can go back into your treasury to edit tags and include one of those phrases. But, remember when you include a string of words or a phrase the customer/admin would have to search on it exactly. For instance the phrase, "falling into autumn." That exact search term would have to be the search term. Or, if you use a string of words, "blue box fall," not many people are going to put that string in the search box, so you are going to lose the potential of your treasury being found. They may search on the word "box," but your treasury isn't going to appear because it's within a string of words. Hope that makes sense!

Have you become addicted to making treasuries? I think they are all getting more and more beautiful and sophisticated!


  1. Great info!
    I am surprised at how many people don't use Craftopolis to see if they are in a
    Treasury and how many don't click on the each photo or comment.

  2. Awesome Rose.....Thank You!! Great Info about how to tag and WHY we should be's Always good to be seen by Admin and potential customers!
    And I agree with Cathy, a lot of Peeps don't click on each of the Photos so they don't show up in Craftopolis. I'm not saying that people should notify every person in their Treasury, that's an individual choice, but clicking on each listing takes 30 seconds....just sayin'.....

  3. Yes, if you create a treasury, the treasury make should go ahead and click on each item. I generally contact everyone I use in my treasury just to let them know.

  4. Rose, once again you've offered good advice and made if fun to read too! Thank you!!!

  5. Thanks, Rose, for another helpful post; Good tagging tips here, for sure!