Friday, August 27, 2010

Member Interview

Hi there, Elizabeth of Foret! 

Please tell us a bit about yourself. 
Foret, my core shop name and brand, is derived from part of my surname and was the name of a signature line of apparel which I came up with in the early 90’s. It actually has a little tent (a circumflex accent mark) over the E which shows that there used to be an S there - the word in French for ‘forest.’ I had done this to make a break from my other design business which is officially called “Santa Fe Jewelry and Design.” Now, that business which I had founded in 1984 is on hold while Foret is sallying forth into the world. This is all in the spirit of making my business more portable, personal, and less defined by location…although I have lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 30 years. 

I have been self-employed all my life with parallel careers in the arts and healing. My work has ranged into photography and the entertainment industry to spiritual counseling and hands on healing. I have to narrow things down for the purpose of commerce, so I have chosen jewelry/fashion and aspects of my healing work. The array of items I offer across the three Etsy shops is my attempt to express this twofold focus: jewelry, crystals, astrology, healing amulets, unique supplies, fashion accessories, and a bit of this and that in the vintage/pack rat department. You know…fun with a spiritual back beat!

How did you learn about Etsy Project Embrace?
At first, I noticed treasuries and then I went to the team thread and learned. I felt an instant connection and so I applied. This team stands out to me as something very special in the world of Etsy. It is a bright star of love and support for the sake of those very qualities, and so I am happy and honored to be part of this gentle community.

Of your current creations, which are your favorites?
Psychedelic Cloud Pendant Necklace
At Foret, which I recently revamped from top to bottom to make it all about free worldwide shipping and everything $100 and less (still have a bunch of higher end and have to figure out where to place them), I have to say that my favorite is my Psychedelic Cloud Pendant Necklace and the earrings which complement it.

Although I have been making jewelry for decades, I have been putting off smashing on metal until recently. I love it. I won a bench block and hammer and have been pounding on things whenever I can.
Multi Color Gems, Pearls Earrings
At DivineDesignByForet, all of my ELEMENTALZ are my favorites. These are where healing and art come together for me, and I love them as if they were my children. I especially enjoy making one specifically for someone with a healing intent. When I get to do that, all of my skills and talents are brought in and I can step out of the way while Spirit guides the process. 
At ForetTwo, any of the hawk’s eye (naturally blue and colorful tiger eye) is beloved to me right now.
12mm Round Hawks Eye Blue Tiger Eye Beads
 I love these too…. Never seen anything quite like these beads.
7mm Round Faceted Mulit Color Ruby Beads
What is your favorite possession, and why do you cherish it?
Oooo! What an interesting question. Although I have in my possession many beautiful and interesting objects…from ethnographic wonders which I have collected over the years to rocks to items from family, I am not attached to any particular thing. I imagine suddenly losing everything, and I know I would be in shock for a little while but I would be able to move forward. I am not about things, I suppose. Ironic, eh? My business is all about creating things out of materials. Hence, one of my mottos: there is always more.

What do you collect?
People and ideas…and probably a bit of dust if I sit still too long.

Where would you like to be and what do you hope to be doing ten years from now?
Ten years from now, if I am still on this planet, I want to be living in Siracusa in Sicily, writing all the time, looking at the sun rise over the Mediterranean, and Skyping with my son who will be a famous actor by then.

Healing Amulet Pendant - Sacred Marriage ELEMENTALZ


  1. Awesome interview! So nice to read a bit about you Elizabeth!

  2. Molly, thank you so much for putting this together. It is wonderful! And you are a PEACH!!!

  3. wonderful interview and beautiful creations. thanks for sharing a part of your world with us!

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth and Mollie! Lovely work and so interesting to read about you, E. Hoping to be able to visit you in Sicily in ten years!

  5. Elizabeth, I love your motto and your work! It is wonderful to meet you through the interview.

  6. Such a lovely window into your world, Elizabeth! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. So nice to get to know you a little better, Elizabeth. Great job, Mollie!

  8. Have been in awe of Elizabeth's work here on Etsy, so how wonderful to get to know her a little bit through the interview... and after reading this, it all comes together! Love the spirituality within her pieces! Thanks for sharing!

  9. great to meet you elizabeth! your pieces are lovely and it's a pleasure to know you a bit better! (i have some dust i'd be happy to contribute to your collection! :)

    waves to miss mollie!

  10. Elizabeth, You are as beautiful as your spirit demonstrates in your jewelry and your thoughts. So lovely to see a photo of you, and a sweet taste of your life story...

  11. Elizabeth YOU are such an inspiration!!! I LOVED reading your story and seeing how you have incorporated your life's passions beautifully woven together in your art!! I am taking all of this as a reminder to do the same in my own work on a more intense level. Your Healing Art is so evocative and exudes the strength and love and spirit, just beautiful!!
    Thank You Mollie for another Awesome Interview!!

  12. So nice to meet you via this interview!
    You are doing truly wonderful things and I know that art may have a healing effect, it is so good that you share you talent and abilities with ohters ; )

    Good luck!
    Maria, SiningScarves

    PS. My younger dauhgter is called Elizabeth too, the name is just spelled in Estonian way - Eliisabet ; ))