Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vote for the Most En-Joy-able Project Embrace Treasury!

For our second challenge, we all used the word "Joy" as the theme of our treasuries.
Besides being part of an amazing team, what brings joy to you? Prizes!
Three of our shops have graciously given prizes for the winner which means we will have three, count em' three winners!
Those lucky folks will get the privilege of judging our next challenge.

Our judges this week:
Rose- JaneElizabeths
Erica- MazzyJewelryDesigns

Thank you to everyone who participated. Let the voting begin!

Joyful Confetti
The Joy Luck Club
The Joy of Fall

Joy and Pain, Like Sunshine and Rain

GALA: Oooooooooooodles of JOY!

Tickled Pink and Jumpin' for JOY!

"a thing of beauty is a joy forever" (Keats)

S-pectations of Joy

Autumn Joy

Which did you enJOY the most?
.....Joyful confetti......... by Jealousydesign
The Joy Luck Club by Monarchdancer
The Joy of Fall by Kathleencavalaro
Joy and pain, like sunshine and rain by TrickyFox
GALA: Oooooooodles of JOY! by loveartworks
Tickled Pink and Jumpin' for JOY! by KneeDeepOriginals
"a thing of beauty is a joy forever" (Keats) by Inthewineroom
S-pectations of joy by ginnyhuber
Autumn joy by blackstar free polls


  1. They are all so pretty! It was hard to pick one, good luck :)

  2. Big congrats to all the finalists, and to everyone who entered the challenge! It was a hard choice for a judge, because every treasury there was wonderful. And now -- Oh dear, oh dear ...

  3. I'm with Molly........ great work and enthusiasm. It was fun to be a judge, but hard to pick only three........ everyone provided awesome work. Thanks for the pleasure of doing this.

  4. :D What a surprise to log on and see my trej here!
    Thanks to those of y'all behind the scenes. I'd have a hard time narrowing all of our beauties down.
    Off to vote.....

  5. All excellent treasuries!! Such beautiful colors too.

  6. Oh my! All so beautiful and so hard to decide! Great job everyone!! Now to vote...hmmmmm... xo Cait

  7. so many beauties to choose from! off to vote! hugs,
    karon xo

  8. Thanks to the judges for working their way through ALL the gorgeous and JOY-ful treasuries... and to everyone involved in this latest challenge. What fun and what a great promo for the team and for the ACS! Good luck to all!

  9. Woooooo-HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
    Awesome JOY-FULL-NESS ABOUNDS on our Team!!! And Congratulations to all the Finalists....
    I loved looking at all the "JOY-ous" "T's" even though I didn't comment on them all....FUNtastic Job EVERYone!!
    Erica!! You are doing a SMASHING Job as the New Treasury Challenge Captain....THANK YOU so much!! And Thank You to Mollie, Rose and Erica (double duty!) for taking the time to judge these Beauties. Also, Rose/waterrose, Thank You for helping Erica get this all loaded up on the Blog so she can fly on her own....more Challenges to come on a regular basis....YAY!! to vote.....

  10. How gorgeous! Wow, amazing treasurymaking talent in this team!! :)

  11. Beautiful choices...difficult voting!

  12. What a fun idea for a blog post! I love the way the treasuries sparkle like jewels on the page. Beautiful!

  13. There were so many wonderful treasuries to pick from!! I am thrilled to see mine among the finalist! :o)

  14. Thanks to the judges, organizers and prize givers for all this! And, I am delighted to be a finalist! Terrific treasuries, all! wow, what a team, eh!?

  15. I am honored to see my treasury here :) Thanks for choosing it. There was so many gorgeous challenge treasuries to chose from.

  16. What a fabulous selection of treasuries - it's soooo difficult to choose just one! Well done everyone!

  17. and in my excitement for our awesome Team, i totally forgot to say.....
    Thank You to the judges for voting me in as a finalist! i am Honored to be amongst these most Beautiful and JOY filled Treasurys!!

  18. Just stopped by to check on the voting and couldn't help but look at all of the trejs again. They are so beautiful!! Thanks everyone!