Friday, August 20, 2010

Member Interview

Hi there! Please tell us about yourself.
I’m Dawn, of LaTouchables, from the sunny Rhine Valley in Southern Germany. I’ve been living in Germany for twenty years now, but my roots are basically American midwest with some northern and southern thrown in. 

A summer storm is approaching our town.
Five minutes away by bike, I'm in the country.
I thought long before I chose the name, ‘LaTouchables’. I wanted something with a foreign yet familiar sound. It’s also a play on words. Most importantly, it’s easy to remember, easy to say, and conveys a hand-made sensibility. 

My beloved Pfaff machine
My niece, who models for me, she's the face of LaTouchables.
My studio
How did you learn about Etsy Project Embrace?
A lot of the friends I’d been making on Etsy were drawn into Etsy Project Embrace around the time of it’s development. I was also interested—first of all because cancer is not a foreign word to me—many of my friends and family members have dealt with it. I like the idea of ‘empowerment through involvement’—community involvement ends isolation. And this kind of medieval mind-set that still sneaks up on us in the 21st century (barricade the door, worry your beads)—well, that has to be discarded like a ball and chain.

What are your favorite creations in your shop?
I fall in love with everything at the time of making, but I could say, I like The Pharoah necklace, The Desert Scorpion bracelet, Northern Shores necklace, Plum Tart bracelet—stop me! 
What is your favorite possession, and why do you cherish it?
Difficult—I’d say my memory—and that comes from the way I grew up learning to remember, as opposed to mindlessly watching television (our tv was often on the blink or just never on), so I was encouraged to read, to remember poems, to learn music by heart, and to entertain myself.
A defining moment in my life was living in Morocco.
What do you collect?
I try not to collect anything. I do have a most excellent collection of 2nd-rate novels—because the good ones I pass on…
Some good books I held onto :-D
Oh—I collect slips of paper with hand-written messages from my loved ones—help!

Do you have a blog?

Where would you like to be and what do you hope to be doing ten years from now?
On earth, healthy, hopeful, active, the usual culprits…
My big passion is walking.


  1. Hi Dawn! So nice to see you here and read a little bit more about you!! What a lovely interview, Mollie!! And of course your photography is stunning and LOVE your studio--I didn't have the courage to photograph mine! ha ha ha!!! xoxo Cait

  2. fabulous interview and so nice to get to know you, dawn! I envy your charming workplace and LOVE your pieces~ thanks to both you and mollie for sharing!

  3. Beautiful photos, Dawn! I am in love with your airy and open. I also have to say that my niece looks exactly like your niece. Everytime I see her modeling in your shop, I do a doubletake! :)

  4. Dawn, how interesting! Your wonderful mindset really comes through in your work. Great interview, Mollie!

  5. Lovely to see this organic interview, with your wonderful evocative photos. Great way to see more of your work and play environments! Thanks, Dawn and Mollie for another fine interview!

  6. Enjoyed the interview and the photos... as always. Felt right at home here, like being on Dawn's blog. Love the work, love the photos, love the stories. Thanks, Dawn and Mollie!

  7. Another wonderful interviws, Mollie!!
    And, Dawn, so nice to get to "know" you a little better... :)

  8. Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to comment--I so appreciate it, and hugs to you all--and to Mollie!

  9. Love the interview Dawn! So nice to read a bit about you and I love the photos!
    Great job Mollie!

  10. Awesome to put a face with the shop....fantastic interview, and a lovely niece!

  11. What a wonderful interview on a really unique and talented artist and ever so lovely woman! I am happy we are friends Dawn!!!

    And: may we all stay healthy - that also means taking precautions, caring for ourselves, paying immediate attention to any signs, doing regularly check ups and using what is provided to us, like mammography for example! Once a year from a certain age on - remember!!! Don't be like women I know, aged 40 plus and not seeing a gynecologist in a row of years!

  12. Dawn, I am thrilled to get to 'know' you a bit better. I love seeing your life through your beautiful photography and your sweet and eloquent style of writing. And of course I've long admired your work!
    (BTW, both you and your neice are lovely!)

    Another wonderful interview, Mollie.. thank you!

  13. Hey Dawn, thanks for sharing a little bit more about you. Lovely read. And great pictures to go along with it.

  14. Lovely interview...and as you know....I love your creations!

  15. Such a great interview!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories, nice to know more about you:)
    Thanks Mollie to you too.

  16. Fab interview Dawn! thank you so much....
    Your stuff is so very lovely - i spend lots of time coveting most of it - one day I'll treat myself ;-)

  17. Wonderful interview! I would love to meet you in person someday Dawn!

  18. what an incredible interview!! i felt like i was sitting right next to you, having coffee, listening to your stories and looking at your beautiful work....which i Adore, by the way!!
    and may we all be happy, hopeful, active and still doing our creative thing in 10 years!

    another rockin' interview mollie...Thanks!!

  19. I love to peek over Dawn's shoulder to see what she is working on. From time to time, she will let us know on her blog that she is headed out prospecting for new fabrics and notions and I can't tell you how much I wait with bated breath to see the marvelous treasures that come forth from her Pfaff. She is artist par excellence! I'm a huge fan!

  20. I feel like I know you so much better! What a great interview!

  21. i'm so glad to learn more about you - (you who make such awesome treasuries!) and your work. xox colette

  22. So nice to get to know Dawn better. Love her pieces and treasuries. Great interview. And your studio is sooo clean! :-)

  23. just now making my way here--
    dawn-- you know i'm an ardent fan-- and what a pleasure it is to uncover more details about your fascinating self!
    another super epe interview mollie dear!!